‘Every human being has some purpose of life and if there is no purpose of one‘s life, he does not fit into the definition of human being. He only appears to be a human being', elders tell us so. 


 In the divine books and Holy Scriptures God describes man and the human being as Adam. When man was not granted the knowledge pertaining to the Attributes of God. He was called Adam. And. when he was bestowed upon with the secrets of Cosmic Affairs and the Knowledge of the Attributes, angels were commanded to accept his supremacy.


  Wherever God has referred to creation. He, in actual fact, introduces the creative system by giving examples of various types. About man He states, “And, Indeed we created man in the best proportions.“ It means that out of millions of creations only man is the best of all creations of God. 


God has declared mans supremacy because all that which is in the heavens and the earth has been subjugated to man. The sun, moon, stars...all the bright decorations of the cosmic system are the subjects of man‘s rule and the basis of this rule is that knowledge, which God has taught to Adam. No other creature has been blessed with that knowledge.













As far as the purpose is concerned, purposes are of many types. A child, for instance, without knowing the purpose of his life revolves around his mother. A child cannot imagine life without his mother. Similarly the purpose of a mother’s life is to keep the child stuck with her unless he is capable of taking aim of himself.


  An incomplete purpose of life is witnessed in a child of twelve. Ile feels the need of guidance and assistance for fulfillment of the purpose, though he is not aware of the pressing needs. After teenage and growth of his conscious, he is filled with a desire to do something, to be something and to reach some place in his life. This aspiration is termed as the purpose of his life.


  From youth till the declining age, the child who had no idea of, the purpose of life lives a family life. The purpose of the family life for him is to enjoy the comforts, catering the needs of wife and education of his or her kids. After declining of the age the whole edifice of the purposes starts deteriorating and the mind becomes preoccupied with the thoughts of annihilation, getting away from thriving and blooming and then comes a time when desire to last extinct. And, what happens after one’s extinction is not known. Because no one has ever returned after passing away from here to tell the story of happenings in the Hereafter, what are the measures of time over there, what rules and regulations are operative for the life over there. 


We do not have the past history of more than ten thousand years and, practically, when we have to mention five thousand years, we refer to it as 3000 BC.  Since this world came into existence, how many people born and how many did achieved their purpose so far? How many were successful and how many could not succeed? We do not have any record of it. Some say this world came into being three billion years ago, some consider that it is millions of years ago but the fact is that we are lacking of words and are constrained to use the word ‘BC’ for the events older than two thousand years. But overall we do find continuity in the events of the history even in the period Before Christ and that is the continuity of the holy prophets of God. 


 Adam. Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, David, Solomon, Moses, Christ and the last prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon them) and they all total to one hundred and twenty four thousand, which is the bright and clear chapter of the history. Deliberation upon the teachings of the prophets of God leads us to the conclusion that all the prophets collectively not only gave us the concepts of the good and evil but also proved it by practicing their teaching practically that man can live a purposeful life only after distinguishing between vice and virtue, good and evil. Besides this all the prophets introduced one and only one God, worthy of all worships. God wants fraternity amongst his creatures. He wants to see them happy and does not like them living restless. He does not leave them in the open after their birth. He creates and provides all the means required for there life and He creates them in so much abundance that no shortage of the supply of provisions occur. God commands us to follow the teachings of His prophets and declares their ways as that of His and declare their lives to be a beacon of light for us. 


When the lives of the prophets of God are taken into consideration we find them filled with unflinching determination of preaching and following the Straight Path. They were forgiving and preached not to usurp the rights of others. Ups and downs and the events and happenings of the lives of the prophets have been described in the Holy Scriptures. The last of the Holy books; Quran, too, gives us an insight in lives of prophets. This discourse, at places is short and brief and at places it is detailed.


These are generally known as the stories of the holy Quran or the stories of the Prophets.


I, the author of this work, wish to say that why would God want to relate stories to us? He is all wise and All Knowing. There is reason, wisdom, knowledge and these stories contain principle of struggle for having guidance, in everything, He says or does.


All the facts related to the Prophet of God, on the one hand, are declaring the unity of Godhead and, on the other, negating infidelity and idol worshipping. If, on the one hand, they are preaching rights of the fellow being and telling us the good news of subjection of universe for man, on the other hand, the secrets and formulae to explore and conquer the universe have been expounded in these stories. For instance, the creative secrets of male and female gender have been related in the story of Adam, method of making a durable boats is mentioned in the story of Noah, the law of reviving the dead to life is related in the story of Abraham, secrets underlying dreams have been mentioned in the story of Ishmael, formulae of laser rays and inventions have been hinted in the story of David, formulae concerning Time & Space and subjugation of winds, birds, animals and jinns have been discussed in the story of Solomon. The science concerning the calamities like storms, cyclones and earthquakes has been related in the story of Hud, formation of government, town planning and the system of weighment and measurement have been discussed in the story of Idris. The laws to reduce the gravitational force and using those laws in construction of storehouse and granaries (pyramids) and astronomy have been dealt in the story of Joseph. The laws of deep freezer, microwave frequencies and the relation of oxygen with life are mentioned in the story of Uzair. Role of sound waves in breaking a thing, inspiring life into inanimate object have been stated in the story Saleh. In the story of Zechariah exercising of the conductive influence have been discussed. In the story of the fellows of the Cave (Asahab- e- Kahaf) life after death is dealt with. Story of Moses contains discourse upon sorcery, magic and Conductive influence. System of therapeutics and curing is mentioned in the story of Christ; whereas the supply of provisions without any ostensible means is mentioned in the story of Marry. 


 Splitting of the moon into two parts by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and God‘s declamation that all the creatures including plants and inanimate objects communicate amongst themselves just as human beings do and that if man could learn the knowledge of the language of birds and plants, he can converse with them. 


 I, in all my humility, learnt the purpose of my life when I happened to have the patronage of a sage, who told me that man being the offspring of Adam, enjoys the legacy of Adam, which is nothing else but that body of knowledge that has not been bestowed upon any other creature in this universe except Adam and the basis of Adams vicegerency and supremacy over other creatures is that body of knowledge, which has been termed as the Knowledge of Appellations by the Holy Books. The creative secrets, stages of life and death, life after death, Resurrection and the Judgment Day, Hell and Heaven, ‘and methods of living a peaceful life in this world and the Hereafter come within the ambit of this body of knowledge. The essence of these methods is that the purpose of man‘s life is to recognize himself and his Creator God Almighty. If a person fails to cognize his Lord Creator or he never takes the trouble of studying the Signs of God, scattered in the form of various manifestations, then, he has deviated from the true purpose of his life and a person who deviates from the purpose of his life cannot be the true heir of Adam. 


God says; 


“And, we decorated the heaven with barooj for the people who witness and hid it from the Devil the Cursed.”


            It is the wonder working of the Holy Quran that it elaborates a thing in a detailed and explicit manner so that no one could say that we could’nt understand.


            This also has been stated in Holy Quran, “Woe to those who are unmindful of their Prayers.” That is they offer their prayers, but they do not enjoy the feeling of the presence of their Lord God.


            These words of that sage helped me in transforming my life and the desire to search and seek deepened further. This search led me to the conclusion that Cognition of the Lord Creator is only possible when one is blessed with the ability to follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). My mentor, suggesting the method to achieve this goal, told me that recitation Darood for most of the time could enable a person to have a meeting with the beloved Prophet of God (PBUH) I was young, and full of enthusiasm, filled with respect and reverence of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), enjoyed the patronage and blessings of my mentor and by the grace of God Almighty, I had the privilege of undertaking the task. l decided to recite Darood Sharif after the night Prayer till morning. By the grace of God, blessings of my kind mentor and the prayers of my parents: one night I saw that as soon as recitation of the Darood is completed, it would take the form of a white lily and is placed in a gold tray embedded with rubies and emeralds. The angels forming a queue that extended from 1-D, 1/7 Nazimabad, Karachi to the mosque of the Prophet in Medina, hand down this tray to one another till it is presented to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). I do not have the record as to how long this thing continue. Mentor suggested increasing the recitation. Now, a series of true dreams switched on. I use to see the pious souls Auliya and prophets of God.


 In short, for the last 35 years, I have been blessed to remain on the Straight Path by the grace of God Almighty and blessings are correlation of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). One night I saw in a dream that I am standing at attention like a soldier in the august presence of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


  I advanced in a transfixed state of mind and submitted meekly; “I, the humble servant of God and your ardent follower, dare to wish to write your biography, so that those obscure points could be brought before the mankind, which have not been explored so far. O the Prophet of God, peace be upon you, grant me the permission and the ability to explain and describe the miracles performed by your good self. Through my closed eyes I felt him looking at me intently then a smile passed over the lips of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). 


 I remained inebriated for years. Lost in my thoughts I kept on imagining that I have succeeded in completing the biography of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). I studied every book on this topic that I could lay hand on. Then one day I started working on this project and I started writing the first volume of the book titled ‘Mohammad (PBUH), the Prophet of God.’ 


 Praise be to God. Part III, of the same is in your hands.


I pray that God may very graciously grant acceptance to this humble effort and this work be a compensation, for me and all my children, in the life of Hereafter. 




Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


January 1st, 2002


Markazi Muraqba Hall,