Physically, man is too feeble and fragile to face the forces of Nature. But, spiritually, he can enjoy those powers that have been placed at his disposal as a token of very special bestowal by God Almighty provided that he could manage to get that innate dormant potentials activated in him, which are the actual crown of his soul. Or to say, man is the unique creation of Lord creator, which, on the one hand, is bound to play in the hands of given circumstances and, on the other, the whole universe is subjected to his command.


Entire life of holy Prophet (PBUH) is a living example of this thing. One the one hand, he had to migrate from Makka under most unfavorable circumstances and, on the other hand, during the journey of his Ascension, his reach and access know no bounds and he surpasses all limits of time and frontiers of space cherishing Lord Creator after ensconcing in the most exalted position of absolute supremacy ever reached by a mortal human being.


He strived all his life to create this awareness in his fellow beings that we are required to rise above the physical bodies and carnal desires associated with the world of matter so that one could enter into the unlimited world of unseen to perform that sublime duty, which has been actually designated to him; the designation of the vicegerent of God.


Many are the people who aspire to follow his path and fewer are those who succeed in trudging along with that path and still fewer are the people who manage to reach the desired goal in this direction. The reason is simple and needs complicated methodology to resolve it. The basic reason behind the failure of most people to accomplish their target is that they fail in having the proper comprehension of the prophetic teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH). 


Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, having realization of the problem, defined and described the underlying meanings of the events of the life history of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Like always, he has successfully provided to his readers, in his masterpiece work on the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH), the facility of having a. chance to see me life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) with a more clear vision. His attempt to familiarize the lovers of Mohammad (PBUH) more closely and clearly wit the august personality of God‘s beloved Prophet is required to reach every follower of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) so that everyone could benefit from it and especially those who wish to pursue the teachings of their beloved Prophet (PBUH). 


In order to share his noble efforts of producing a richer awareness about teachings and the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH), two volumes of his book ‘Mohammad Rasool Allah’ have already been presented to you in English.  Now you have the Part III of this sublime work in your hands. Reader of this work would feel the sublimity and limitlessness of knowledge contained therein in the teachings of the Prophets of God and depicted in the form of the miracles performed by them. I pray for the spiritual advancement of the worthy reader of this world.