David was the grandson of Jacob and lived in Bethlehem, a town of Jerusalem. He was the youngest of all his brothers and was a shepherd. He was red like a pomegranate, short stature, strong built, smart and handsome to look at. He was so brave that if a wolf or loin attacked his flock of sheep he made it sure that it be killed. He was very good at sling shooting. Ile had an enchanting way of talking, was well mannered, decent and was respected. He was good at playing flute and guitar. He had access in the court of the king Saul. He always carried his staff and his shepherd’s slinger. He developed the Hebrew and Egyptian musical instruments and invented many of his own. When Samuel came to Bethlehem, in the last part of his age, he met David and predicted of his prophet hood and of his becoming the king and prayed for God’s blessing for him. 


Talking Stones 


            Once David was passing through a jungle. a stone lying in his way addressed him and said. “Pick me up, I am the stone of Moses, which he used to kill his enemy.” He picked up that stone and put it in his satchel. When he went ahead, another stone called out and said, “Pick me up I am the stone of Aaron.” He picked me it up and advanced, then yet another stone called out and said, “I am David’s stone with which he will kill Goliath.” David picked that stone as well. In his bag all three stones combined to form one single stone.

General Goliath


When the armies of Saul and Goliath faced each other in the battlefield. The General, Goliath wearing his steel armors was leading his army. He invited his opponents to individual combat. He was about 9 feet tall.


 The iron coat that he was wearing weighed about 22 kilograms; his legs were covered with seven bass guards. His spears were of solid Iron; only the weight of his was more than 2.50 kilograms, which one of his soldiers used to carry him.


In the battlefield Goliath challenged that whosoever wanted to combat with him might come forwards. He voice was so powerful that it stunned everybody. When no one advanced to face him, David asked permission from Saul to fight him. He had no sword or spear or bow but only his shepherd’s wooden staff his favorite weapon; slinger and the bag of pebbles.   


Seeing a youth of ordinary stature, Goliath ridiculed him and said "Do you want to hush me away as if I were a dog.” 


David threw a pebble using his slinger at Goliath. The stone struck him at his forehead, and rendered his skull open after breaking his forehead bone. The proud giant Goliath felled upon the ground at his face. David advanced and beheaded him with the very sword of Goliath. Palestinian army seeing the fate of their general and his beheaded skull lost their nerves; lsraeli Army attacked them and defeated them by the grace of God.


The valor, courage and bravery of David earned him great popularity amongst the israelites. Soul wedded his daughter Anne with David and appointed him commander over 1000 soldiers.


“O David didn’t we make thee a vicegerent on earth, so judge thou between men justly nor follow thou lusts of thy heart, for they will mislead thee from the path of God Is a penalty grievous for that they forget they Day of Account.” (S: 38, V: 26)


When David was appointed was appointed the chief, he was residing in the southern part of Sinai. He sent a message to Nabail, the governor of that area, “Spent for the cause of God who has blessed you with wealth and riches.”


Nabail misbehaved with the messengers and disgraced them. David did not like it and in order to punish Nabail, taking with him 400 men, set on the journey. Wife of Nabail was a wise lady, She arranged a feast in David’s honor and asked forgiveness for the misconduct of her husband. When Nabail’s wile told husband that she had met David and asked for forgiveness for him, it shocked Nabail and he died of the shock. 


After the death of the King Saul, God blessed David with prophet hood. He was one of those prophets of God who were prophet hood. I he land so that they could lead their people on the made rulers in t path of God with facility. 


Wisdom and knowledge: 


 Prophetic knowledge and wisdom, with which David was blessed, enabled the Israelites to become a distinguished nation the world very soon. A large area of land came under their control and a great empire come into existence. David enforced the writ of law, fought against the infields, established communication with various tribes of Israelites and preached righteousness and virtue; He was blessed with wisdom, acumen and judgment.


“We strengthened his kingdom and gave him wisdom and sound judgment in speech and decision. " (S: 38, V: 20) 


It was his routine to fast on alternate days and used to worship God in the last 3”’ part of the night. He was given Zabor, which literally means fragments. This holy book now known as The Book of Psalms, one of the 39 books of Old testament, contains 150 Psalms of David. These Psalms in lyrical notes contain hymn, praises of the Lord, and prayers for good of the world and Hereafter and for seeking protection against the evils.