The Realm of Illustrative Forms

A current of the Light (Noor) flows from the core of the Self towards Nasma (mind) and from the Nasma towards the body (the manifestation). Another current of light flows from the manifestation; the body, towards Nasma and from the Nasma (the mind) towards the core of Self. The current of Light (Noor) which flows from the Nucleus of the Self towards the Manifestation is stocked with the Insinuated Knowledge whereas the current of the light (ordinary light) which flows from the Manifestation (body) towards the Nucleus of the Self contains the worldly knowledges, that is, it is a collection of the physical needs, desires and demands. If the conscious is interested and attentive to the Insinuated Knowledge descending from the Nucleus of the Self they gradually cast their influence upon the many manifested objects or to say man’s Subtlety of the Self after becoming toned up with the enlightenment of the knowledge accepts the color of the Reality. This color of the Reality is such a light (Noor) which does not allow any dense light i.e. the darkness to pass through it, rather the physical demands and all the desires after being filtered through this color transform into the subtle rays of the Light and instead of the dense (dark) lights these filtered and subtle rays of Light start flowing towards the core of the Self from the manifestation. When the current flowing from the manifestation towards the core of the self reaches the above cited state the mind is enlightened with the Light which has been termed as the Light of Sagacity (Noor-e-Frasat) by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The light of sagacity initially helps in exposing the Realm of General Behest and finally the Realm of Specified Behest also revealed because of it.

The movement of Descension and the Ascension from the Realm of Behest towards the manifestation and vice versa is continuous and permanent. Reflection of the stocked Intuitive Knowledge which descend from the Realm of Behest falls upon the Conscious. The Conscious terms this reflection as the Conscience. The Consscious itself is that mirror of the human mind upon which falls the rays of Intuitive Knowledge pertaining to all the eternal situations. The pictorial reflections of these situations falls upon the conscious. These pictorial reflections of the situations are called the Realm of Illustrations. If Conscious (mind) of a person is shining bright, mirror like crystal clear then the pictorial reflection of the situations could be vividly observed irrespective of the fact that the eyes are closed or not. But, when darkness; the dense light, in the form of a current flow towards nucleus of the self from the Subtlety of the Self when the mirror of the Conscious no longer remains clear and all the pictorial images of situations exhibited because of the Intuitive Knowledge, disappear from the sight. 


Loh O Qalam

Qalandar Baba Auliay (R.A)

Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, Chief Editor of the monthly Roohani Digest, the renowned spiritual scholar, founder of the chain of Muraqba Halls the world over has had the honour of learning the spiritual sciences from his spiritual mentor, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, the sage of this age. In order to teach him the spiritual sciences Qalander Baba Auliya made Alshaikh Azeemi to pen down the words that he used to narrate. Alshaikh Azeemi being a devoted disciple not only noted the contents but also did his best to understand what he was taught. The eventual out come of his dedicated work took the form of the ‘Loh-o-Qalum’, the first ever book that comprises the whole syllabus of the spiritual science. Who else was more suitable to explain the contents of this document but Alshaikh Azeemi, the very able student of Qalander Baba Auliya. Dissemination of that knowledge, which is the legacy of prophets and had reached him in disciplic succession, has become an obsession for Alshaikh Azeemi because, according to him, this knowledge is the only elixir and the antidote for the ailing humanity in present times.