Observation of an object causes its comprehension. The Object, first of all, enters into man's observation then makes its way in the perception or the conscious. But this is not the final stage. The final stage is the Unconscious or the Extra Conscious where the object infuses with its 'Reality'. This level is situated in the depths of the Consciousness. We, in the previous pages have termed this stage as the 'achromatic' (Colorlessness) or the Obscure (Khafi) which is located beneath the Conscious and above the Ultra-achromatic.

 When the name of an object is uttered, the object takes a form in the mind (soul) of the listener. For example, when the word 'sun' is said, the listener perceives the sun within himself. The sun that is in the exterior has nothing to do with the interior one being visualized. The inner sun is the incident of the soul or the mind. All those who happen to think or listen about the sun, the world over, unanimously perceive the same sun or the Point of incidence of all of them is the same one sun. Now, this is a reality in which no change (variation) take place. That is, it is a Persevering Reality (Haqiqat- e -Sabita ).

 When we happen to hear the name of such a thing which has never been sighted before by us, even the unseen object enters the mind in the form of an invariant Established Reality. For instance, nobody has ever seen Allah but when te name of Allah is heard, a reality - which cannot be ignored - crystalizes within the listener. The crystallization of this reality is associated with the same one Cosmic Point which not only includes the universe but the ultra-cosmos is also present in it. The area of the universe encompassed by this point is indicated by the word 'Collaboration'(Jamma) or the exact Truth (Ain- ul - Yaqeen). But when the ultra-cosmos is also engulfed by this point, it is known as 'Union of Collaboration' (Jamma-ul-Jamma) or the true Reality (Haq- ul Yaqeen)


Loh O Qalam

Qalandar Baba Auliay (R.A)

Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, Chief Editor of the monthly Roohani Digest, the renowned spiritual scholar, founder of the chain of Muraqba Halls the world over has had the honour of learning the spiritual sciences from his spiritual mentor, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, the sage of this age. In order to teach him the spiritual sciences Qalander Baba Auliya made Alshaikh Azeemi to pen down the words that he used to narrate. Alshaikh Azeemi being a devoted disciple not only noted the contents but also did his best to understand what he was taught. The eventual out come of his dedicated work took the form of the ‘Loh-o-Qalum’, the first ever book that comprises the whole syllabus of the spiritual science. Who else was more suitable to explain the contents of this document but Alshaikh Azeemi, the very able student of Qalander Baba Auliya. Dissemination of that knowledge, which is the legacy of prophets and had reached him in disciplic succession, has become an obsession for Alshaikh Azeemi because, according to him, this knowledge is the only elixir and the antidote for the ailing humanity in present times.