Senses of the Appearance

The most important role of the senses pertaining to the Appearance (Royat) is that they remain confined within the individual concerned. These senses are incapable of learning the states and conditions of the other individuals. In the Holy Quran, Allah, the Most Exalted, has characterized the Senses as Illiyeen and Sijjeen (the Sublime and Depressive). Illiyeen is the Sublime Character and the Sijjeen is the Lowest and gloomy. Recording of both these characters invariably remains in continuation. The record of both these characters does not remain before the sight and remains invisible and hidden in the senses. Both these records have been termed by Allah, the Most High, as the Written Book (Kitab-ul-Marqoom). As soon as man is disconnected from the Phenomenal World the Senses pertaining to the Appearance (Royat) become subdued and the Senses of the Soul (Rooh) become predominant. And the record of the wants duly skilled and mastered is brought before the eyes and the record of the tendencies that had not been practiced remain in obscurity. On the Day of Resurrection when the first Voyage of the universe will be completed, man and the jinns, the out-come of the Voyage, would be assembled so that the second Voyage of the universe could be started. The record of the tendencies which were not mastered will be destroyed. 


Loh O Qalam

Qalandar Baba Auliay (R.A)

Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, Chief Editor of the monthly Roohani Digest, the renowned spiritual scholar, founder of the chain of Muraqba Halls the world over has had the honour of learning the spiritual sciences from his spiritual mentor, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, the sage of this age. In order to teach him the spiritual sciences Qalander Baba Auliya made Alshaikh Azeemi to pen down the words that he used to narrate. Alshaikh Azeemi being a devoted disciple not only noted the contents but also did his best to understand what he was taught. The eventual out come of his dedicated work took the form of the ‘Loh-o-Qalum’, the first ever book that comprises the whole syllabus of the spiritual science. Who else was more suitable to explain the contents of this document but Alshaikh Azeemi, the very able student of Qalander Baba Auliya. Dissemination of that knowledge, which is the legacy of prophets and had reached him in disciplic succession, has become an obsession for Alshaikh Azeemi because, according to him, this knowledge is the only elixir and the antidote for the ailing humanity in present times.