In our daily observations light is the substitution of mirror. This light acts as a mirror betwixt the observer and the observed. We subdivide the act of viewing in four circles which, in Sufism, are called the Four Dimensions. These circles have been already discussed, in the previous pages, by the name of Channels. The first circle is dominated as the 'Black Draft' (Tasweed). The very same circle is also known as Void of Light. Spacelessness, Time are the other names of the same circle. The same circle is the basis of the Beatific Vision of the Being or the universe. The very same circle has been termed as ‘Tadalla’ (Inclination) in the Holy Quran. There are two saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that could be referred in this regard.


1. " I share Time with Allah".

2. "Don't condemn Time, Time is Allah".


Thevery same circle is the Invariant. This is the circle whose area is extended from Eternity (The Remotest Beginning) to infinity (The Remotest). The gracious command of Allah, ‘Kun’ (Be!) Is encompassing the prevailing upon the very same circle. This is the circle that has been mentioned in the Quranic VERSE, " Allah is the LIGHT of the heavens and the earth". This is the circle that is the first dimension and we can term it as Sight. The other three Circles, Abstraction (Tajreed), Evidence (Tasheed) and Manifestation (Tazheer) are spaces.


Dimension No 1 = Sight (Nazar)

Dimension No 2 = Seeing (Nazara)

Dimension No 3 = Spectator (Nazir)

Dimension No 4 = Scene (Manzar)


All these four are also known as Observation (n) (Shahood), Act of Observation (v) (Mushahida), Observer (Shahid) and the Observed (Mashhood) respectively. The Sight, or the Observation, or the Black Draft or Time is the basis or the foundation of the Observation, structural formation of the universe. No variation has ever taken place in it nor is it ever likely to take place. At its own place it is the Principal Reality upon which the edifice of the other three Spaces is staying. This principal Reality is the Spacelessness and this is the reality of all three spaces. The first space following this, called the Abstraction, exist in the form of Seeing or Observing. The second space or the Evidence is known as the spectator of the Observer. The third space, the Manifestation is called the Observed or the seen. This space is the fathomless ocean of light.

 Abstraction (Tajreed) or the first space is the Light (Noor). Evidence (Tashheed) or the second space is the Uncompounded (Simple) Nasma. The very Simple Nasma is known as the comic rays. The Compounded Nasma or the Manifestation (Tazheer), the third space consists of all the lights (rays) other than the cosmic rays. The concentration of the rays of the Manifestation causes the formation of all the bodies of the universe. The lights of the Manifestation are a sort of colored mirror.

 In fact, all the four dimensions are the four mirrors. The first stationary and invariant mirror is the Sight or the Spacelessness. The Second kinetic or the variable mirror is the Seeing. The third kinetic mirror is the Spectator and the fourth kinetic mirror is the Scene.


Loh O Qalam

Qalandar Baba Auliay (R.A)

Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, Chief Editor of the monthly Roohani Digest, the renowned spiritual scholar, founder of the chain of Muraqba Halls the world over has had the honour of learning the spiritual sciences from his spiritual mentor, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, the sage of this age. In order to teach him the spiritual sciences Qalander Baba Auliya made Alshaikh Azeemi to pen down the words that he used to narrate. Alshaikh Azeemi being a devoted disciple not only noted the contents but also did his best to understand what he was taught. The eventual out come of his dedicated work took the form of the ‘Loh-o-Qalum’, the first ever book that comprises the whole syllabus of the spiritual science. Who else was more suitable to explain the contents of this document but Alshaikh Azeemi, the very able student of Qalander Baba Auliya. Dissemination of that knowledge, which is the legacy of prophets and had reached him in disciplic succession, has become an obsession for Alshaikh Azeemi because, according to him, this knowledge is the only elixir and the antidote for the ailing humanity in present times.