The knowledge that draws the distinctive line between the presented and acquired knowledge and at the same time it works as a bridge between the two, is known as the Insinuated Knowledge (Ilm-e-Ladunni). It comprises of those facts that could be found in the depths of the Acquired Knowledge. The salient features of this knowledge comprise of the Elohistic Signs. The Elohistic Signs are those signs which have been reiteratedly brought into our notice by the Holy Quran. Actually all the physical laws follow the spiritual laws. It is customary for the Insinuated Knowledge to trace the spiritual laws from the physical laws and after becoming familiar with their reality have access to the Presented Knowledge. When this knowledge is granted to the prophets it is known as the Vatic ‘Knowledge (Ilm-e-Nabowat) and when it is granted to Auliya it is termed as the Insinuated Knowledge (Ilm-e-Ladduni). Revelation (Wahi) is particular for the prophets and the Inspiration (Ilham) for the Auliya:


 How do the prophets and auliya get this knowledge? Only a brief account of this thing is given below as a detailed discussion of this topic would be out of the scope of this book. If it will be the Holy command of Allah, its detail would be given in some other book.


The universe is constituted by the four dimensions or the four circles as indicated in the previous pages. But only one angle of their properties was discussed over there. Another angle of these circles, in Sufism, is known as:


Rah (Draught)

Rooh (Soul)

Roya (Vision - Dream)

Royat (Countenance - Appearance)


These four characteristics of this particular angle are related with the Unconscious. Draught (Rah) is the Negative Unconscious, and the soul (Rooh) is the Positive Unconscious. Similarly, the Vision (Rooh) is the Negative conscious and the Countenance (Royat) is the Positive Conscious Draught, Rah, the Negative Unconscious is invariant. Spatio-temporal distances, space & spacelessness, do not exist there. All the eternal happenings and incidents are found in one single Point. When this Point comes into motion its name becomes the Soul (Rooh). Before coming into motion its name was Draught (Rah). Commencement of the movement is responsible for the production of the temporal and spatial distances in this Point.


 The Cosmic Sight have been mentioned in the previous pages. The same Cosmic Sight is the Rah (Draught) and after splitting up in temporal and spatial distances the same is called Incident Reality (Haqiquat-e-Wardah) or the soul.


 If the word ‘sun’ is pronounced in an audible voice the image of the sun would flash in the mind of the listener. The sun appearing in the mind of the listener, in fact, is the sun with which he is acquainted externally. He does not recognize any other sun except the one which occurs in his mind. This movement is known as the Soul, the soul is affiliated with the human mind in the form of an Incident Reality and is flowing and prevailing in all the existents equally.

 When somebody holds this Incident Reality in his mind it takes the shape of the imagination, that is, the Soul after infusing in the Conscious becomes the imagination. This very state is called Roya (Vision), but when this imagination comes down to the level of the angle of visibility it is called Royat (Appearance). The sight, at this stage, finds the object before itself in an embodied form. The role of the sight remains the same even at this stage as it was there in the Rah, Rooh and Roya. The first cycle, in general terms, is called Unconscious; second, the Perception, third, the Imagination (Idea) and fourth, thé Object. 


Loh O Qalam

Qalandar Baba Auliay (R.A)

Alshaikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, Chief Editor of the monthly Roohani Digest, the renowned spiritual scholar, founder of the chain of Muraqba Halls the world over has had the honour of learning the spiritual sciences from his spiritual mentor, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, the sage of this age. In order to teach him the spiritual sciences Qalander Baba Auliya made Alshaikh Azeemi to pen down the words that he used to narrate. Alshaikh Azeemi being a devoted disciple not only noted the contents but also did his best to understand what he was taught. The eventual out come of his dedicated work took the form of the ‘Loh-o-Qalum’, the first ever book that comprises the whole syllabus of the spiritual science. Who else was more suitable to explain the contents of this document but Alshaikh Azeemi, the very able student of Qalander Baba Auliya. Dissemination of that knowledge, which is the legacy of prophets and had reached him in disciplic succession, has become an obsession for Alshaikh Azeemi because, according to him, this knowledge is the only elixir and the antidote for the ailing humanity in present times.