For recovery of loans

Write the above on a piece of paper. Fold it in four folds and place it between two stones at such a place where these should not be disturbed. Each stone must be more than 2 kgs. One side of the stones must be plain so that when these are placed upon one another the weight of the upper stone should be pressing the charm. To make this charm more effective write the name of the borrowing person with the same of his/her mother at the bottom line.

2)      Recite "Ayat-ulKursi" 41-times,

after the lsha Prayer. Blow upon both the hands holding them together and run the hands over your face three times and then pray to God that the lent amount is recovered. This is to be practiced for 90-days. Women can complete the missing days of their periods later on.


Spiritual Healing


All the stages of man's life are lived in small fragments of time equaling to a tiny fraction of a second, Whole life of man, even if exceeds hundred years, keeps on dividing into these fractions of time called moments. It is worth considering that in order to live this life man keeps on joining these fractions of tune in his mind and the very same fragments are put to use. In our thinking which resembles a whirl-pool of fragments of time either we advance from one segment of time to another or revert back from the one to another one.