For getting a job or to have a business

When every effort to find a job is proving futile and hopes are not materialising then write the following inscription on a piece of paper. Make an amulet and wear it around the neck or tie it around the arm.


N.B: The Nos. given in the corners of the boxes are to indicate the sequence of the filling in of the boxes and these are not to be written in the charm made for wearing  Also recite یَا حَیُ یَا قَیُومْ as many times as possible when it may be suitable to you whether you are walking, sitting, doing some work or not.


Spiritual Healing


All the stages of man's life are lived in small fragments of time equaling to a tiny fraction of a second, Whole life of man, even if exceeds hundred years, keeps on dividing into these fractions of time called moments. It is worth considering that in order to live this life man keeps on joining these fractions of tune in his mind and the very same fragments are put to use. In our thinking which resembles a whirl-pool of fragments of time either we advance from one segment of time to another or revert back from the one to another one.