Subtle Sensations

By doing Muraqaba regularly, certain types of light and waves start gathering inside that person which negate gravity. Because of these lights, the student goes through different states in which gravitational pull does not apply. For example while doing Muraqaba, during walking, sitting or even laying the feeling of weight disappears (weightlessness). Sometimes the person sees self made of light. During Muraqaba, this weightlessness could make the body suspended as well. Person sees self as flying in space. With closed eyes and open eyes as well, lights of various colors are seen. Flashes of light, similar to a cam­era flash is felt inside the brain. Body sometimes become oversensitive and the electrical flow inside ones body is felt as well. Because of this concentration of lights, sometimes the body gets a shock too. Feelings of peace and serenity get stronger and deeper. Cognitive and problem solv­ing abilities are enhanced. This and other similar conditions and sensa­tions show the colorfulness of the luminous system and the enhancement of spiritual energy.

The following are Muraqaba reports sent to the author by various students:

Report I

When I close my eyes for Muraqaba, milky white light appears around my eves. During the Muraqaba, thoughts come and go. Sometimes I get groggy and while others only Allah is the focus of attention. Lights of other colors also appear during Muraqaba for exam­ple blue, red and so on. When the influx of thoughts increases then I start the dhikr of Ya' Haiyu Ya' Qavyumu. After Muraqaba, different things happen. Sometimes my body feels very light, other times a lot heavier. Sometimes I do not feel like I have a body. Sometimes I feel like my body has moved upward. I also feel a sensation in my brain. Those sensations are pleasant in nature. During Muraqaba, these pleasant sen­sory waves engulf the brain. My brain gets intoxicated and I usually get to deep sleep afterwards. Occasionally it feels like a dreamy stage. On one occasion, my whole body defying gravity moved upward. I lost awareness of the surrounding. Often during Muraqaba, even the process lit inhaling and exhaling felt like interference. Occasionally I see images 1~t my murshid (author), also during Muraqaba, I visit various places, anal those scenes are so beautiful that writing about them is virtually impossible

(Haroon Ahmed, Lahore)

Report II

At the start of Muraqba , I saw a circle (chakra) of greenish-yellow light then I felt like my bed and I were shaking. For a short while an eye made of light appeared near my right eye. My head and shoulder felt heavier and body was pulled upward. Dark shadows appeared before my eyes. Once a very red light appeared. I felt something in my back, which went all the way to the back of my head. I felt great as if under the mag­netic influence of something.

I Did Muraqaba for fifteen minutes. I was able to focus on the image. 'Throughout it felt like falling drops of rain, especially in my head. The sensation was so strong that I felt like these drops were making holes in my head. I was so focused on that thought that I became unaware of my body. I saw a big door had opened up towards the north, white light was coming out of it, and that light was falling on my body. Then a rain of light started to fall from the sky. I could feel the rain in the right side of any body suddenly the rain increased and the light fell on my body so intensely that I felt a shock in my body.

(Misbahuddin, Karachi)

Report III

I did Muraqaba after pre-dawn prayers and saw myself as a statue of pure light and rings of pure light were encircling me. I felt as I had two bodies, one, which was myself, and the other of pure light.

In addition to these, I am also experiencing certain changes in me. For instance, when someone is about to address me I somehow become aware of it ahead of time and whatever he or she is about to say, also comes to my mind. Secondly if wish to meet someone, that person some­how is able to contact me on his or her own. Thirdly if a big event or inci­dent is about to happen, I get somewhat uneasy prior to that.

(Allam, Mangla Dam)

Idraak (awareness)

I continued the practice of Muraqaba, eventually overcoming drowsiness. The reason behind getting drowsy is that in the beginning, the consciousness is simply overwhelmed by the influx of inner lights.

When consciousness is no longer influenced by the drowsiness and the mind remains active then the flow of inner or esoteric information gets underway. The student is able to comprehend these spiritual phenomena through cognition. Awareness is a thought that even though is delicate has a form.

Speed of mind meets its form. For example, when someone say "apple", the picture of apple does appear in the mind. These pictorials are so light, the sight could not see it; however, senses do encompass it. Sometimes hidden information comes in the form of a voice. The voice is usually of low decibels but it manages to explain the incoming news or the vision.

Report IV

I gained focus right after starting Muraqaba. I felt as if the waves of thoughts were entering through nay ears. Whenever an image appears it's sounds are heard as well.

(M. Salam)

Report V

During Muraqaba, I hear noises as if tidal waves are colliding with the coastline. After few days, I heard the sound as if someone were talk­ing. It was not the sound that we normally hear, the one that comes through our ears; instead, this sound came from within. One day during Muraqaba, someone called my name, when I opened my eyes, there was no one around. Then I realized that the sound did not come from outside instead it was the echo of my inner self.

Report VI

Today I was so engrossed in Muraqaba that when suddenly someone tapped me on my shoulder, I was taken aback and opened my eyes. When I looked, there was no one around. Then I went back to Muraqaba. After that, every time I think of my body I felt like shivering. In the past few days, I have also noticed that every time I drink water, it tastes sugary. It seems like my sense of taste is going through some changes. Sometimes I hear whistles in my ears.

Report VII

After doing Muraqaba, I performed the pre-dawn (fair) prayer. I remained focused during the entire prayers. On one occasion the idea that God is in front of me during the prayers became so strong that I felt overwhelmed by it. That state lasted for quite a while. During Muraqaba, I felt as if the dhikr was performed by my inner self.

Report VIII

I gained full concentration during Muraqaba and then I felt as if I were ascending into the space and have reached the higher ground. In my mind, I heard the echo so profound that it is virtually impossible to describe it. That sound made me somewhat frightened. With this feeling of fright, I saw Jerusalem where people were praying. I was staring at the Dome of the Rock. During this moment, an unseen creature whis­pered in my ears. I was overwhelmed by that whisper. The voice on the whisper said," staring at the Dome is not the noble deed. What is noble is to contemplate on the lives of the Prophets and Apostles, to see what hidden treasures of Divine Knowledge these noble beings held. Every member of the human race is entitled to access these treasures".

Hearing this message made me highly anxious. My heartbeat went up and I came out of the state of Muraqaba. At that time, my body was soaked due to sweating.


Varood (esoteric vision)

When awareness (idraak) gets deeper it turns into vision and eso­teric information manifests into pictorial form before the sight. This state in Sufism is called varood. It begins when with higher concentra­tion drowsiness goes away and the esoteric vision gets underway. All of a sudden, any scene would come before the sight. Since consciousness is not used to seeing in this fashion, that is why mental concentration fluc­tuates. Memory is able to retain some part of the vision that appears before the eyes, while the rest goes into oblivion. Over time, the student gets used to this condition (state) and this process of observation contin­ues during Muraqaba. Sometime the observation becomes so deep that the students consider themselves part of the vision. Observations become more orderly and the mind is able to comprehend what it sees.

Report IX

Compared to previous weeks, this week was great as far as my Muraqaba conditions are concerned. I was able to get deeper in my imagination and was able to focus as well. Another point to mention is that I have also been successful in maintaining focus during regular obligatory prayers. When the eves are concentrated, at one point then the sight is stuck and becomes deeper and the esoteric eve starts seeing things. During prayers holy places come before my eyes.

In addition, I have noticed that I have pretty much overcome the infe­riority complex and have since gained confidence and faith. Today all day, my mind remained focused. I have also noticed that when I am thinking about something that thing or event comes right before my eyes. Mind negated the space to such an extent that every country, every city seems to be just few steps away. Karachi, Lahore etc all of them seem so close. My mind has gone through an unbridled expansion and speed.

(Ehsan, Swat)

Report X

I see different things during Muraqaba. At the same time I feel hot and sometimes this feeling become unbearable. That is why I have short­ened the duration of my daily Muraqaba.

I saw during the Muraqaba that there is a luminous body just few steps from my body. The more my focus was enhanced, the more that body became luminous. Even the heart seems luminous. I felt that if my forehead has an eye. During the Muraqaba, I felt like if I am seeing with nw forehead eve. Wherever I see, things appeared to be collection of var­ious colors. (Waqar Ahmed)

Report XI

During Muraqaba, due to enhanced concentration, I became totally unaware of my physical body and my body of aura became more promi­nent. I felt as if the universe existed inside my body and toward my lower back; the electric current was spreading to my entire body. Suddenly I felt a shock and my aura and I were separated. I saw a huge space and

my aura was floating in there. From that aura a wave of light emanated through which everything in space became visible.

(M. Aslam)

Ilhaam (revelation)

In some people, the esoteric sense of hearing is activated before the activation of esoteric vision. Once it is activated, the person is able to hear voices and sounds from beyond. At first, the thoughts come in the form of voices. Eventually the consciousness of that person becomes strong enough that whenever he or she focuses, its hidden affairs and futuristic details enter the hearing faculty in the form of sounds. When this is repeated over time then the sight is activated as well. In the end, the hidden and futuristic information manifests itself in the pictorial form. This condition or state is known as kashaf.

In the beginning, the kashaf happens involuntarily. Suddenly through a thought, sound, or the image, something is revealed and later on is proven.


You are sitting in your living room. Suddenly an old friend comes to your mind and hours later, either he or she comes to visit you or calls you unexpectedly. The second condition is that you hear a voice announcig the arrival of your friend or the third condition is that you actually see him or her coming way ahead of their actual arrival.

When this ability of kashaf progresses the person achieves the level in which outward (physical) and inward (esoteric) senses work simulta­neously. The mind of the student becomes so strong that he or she observes the material and spiritual world simultaneously. When this state is achieved, the person no longer needs the closure of eves for the Muraqaba. This particular state is exclusively involuntary. It could initi­ate while the person is busy walking, talking, and sitting and goes off suddenly as well. This condition may occur several times during the day or sometimes may not occur for weeks. This condition is known as Ilhaam.

Proof of Vahii

Quran (Koran) Sura aal- imran 66:

"These events are among the news of the unseen. We do vahii about them to you. And you were not there when they were drawing to decide who would take care of Mary. And you were not there when they were disputing among themselves."

According to the above verse, the vahii comes from God. Vahii is that form of pure light (nur) that carries esoteric information. This information may be of past events or of future happenings. That is why God has informed His prophets and apostles of both the past (history) and the future. Other than that vahii has nothing to do with the individ­ual's consciousness or discretion. Instead, vahii is in fact Divine Wisdom.

Sura Aeraaf 203:

"And when you do not bring any ayat to them- they say-why did you not make it Qn your own? Say, I only follow what was vahii to me from my Lord. These are the bright signs from your Lord. They are guidance and blessing for those people who are of faith."

Vahii is further explained in Sura- shura 51-52:

"And no human has the privilege to converse with Him (directly) unless through vahii or behind the Veil or else He sends a messenger on whom He would vahii what­ever He pleases. Verily He is of high Glory and Wise. And just like that we sent a vahii toward you; Our Word through Our Will. You knew neither what book was nor what faith was. But We made that book a nur. We guide whomever We wish among Our servants."

In these verses, all types of vahii are discussed. God has called vahii His words. The word of God is revealed in many different ways. Sometimes through vahii while at others, mysteriously. For instance, Moses glimpsed the Divine Light (tadjalli). On Mount Sinai God revealed His Divine Light in the burning bush. Moses conversed with God. This type of vahii is known as the hidden or veiled one. This Divine Light became the veil between God and Moses. So that he was not able to see God, instead he only glimpsed the Divine Veil. Through this Veil, he communicated with God.

In other case, vahii was delivered to the prophets through Archangel Gabriel. After the end of prophethood vahii is no longer used. However, its sub-types (branches) kashaf; ilhaam and alqaa (intuition) still exist. This is what was mentioned in the above verses of the Quran (Koran) that no human has the privilege. Here the word human is used, prophet or apostle was not used. This suggests that even an ordinary mortal can communicate with the Divine through the sub-type of vahii. Also includ­ed in these sub-types are true dreams.

In Sura Nahal of the Quran (Koran), God is said to have vahii a hon­eybee. The vahii of honeybee is also a part of its sub branch, which is dif­ferent from the vahii sent to the prophets and apostles. That system which was designated for prophets and apostles ended with the closure of prophethood. Nevertheless, even after the prophets, God's wisdom and His discretion and His communication with His creatures continue through the sub-branches of vahii.

God is pure light (nur). His words are also nur. Although God is as close to us as our jugular nerve, we are unable to comprehend His Essence with our conscious (physical) senses. Which means that for us to absorb vahii, which is the light (nur) of the Word of God, our con­sciousness has to be powerful or strong enough so that it can withstand its impact. Based on these levels of consciousness, there are several forms of vahii.

God's prophets are trained and taught directly by the Divine, that is why their conciousness was strong enough to absorb the pure light (nur) of vahii directly into their latifa' galbi (generator of heart). All the gen­erators (latija) of Soul are the center points where the incoming lights (nur) are stored. The generators of Heart (latifa galbi) and Soul (latifa nur/i) are the spheres in which all the worldly lights are kept, which Winans that under normal circumstances these spheres absorb the mate­rial (physical) lights. However under unique circumstances these cen­tirs can also absorb and store the non physical light (nur) and the Divine light (tadjalli). Their strength can be enhanced at will. Until the ability to absorb nur is established, no nur can be transferred, just as a full glass cannot hold any more water.

The lights that are transferred into consciousness from the subcon­scious are the cognition of the spirit (ruh). This cognition performs under the influence of nur and tadjalli. In other words, the human spirit (ruh insani) has three usual lenses. One lens (sight) works in the mate­rial world. The second works in the realm of pure light (nur). And the third one works in the realm of Divine Light (tadjalli).

In all three zones of the universe, there are worlds of living crea­tures. In every zone the system of the Divine Names is working. The fixedquantity of these Divine Names is controlling all the systems of the universe. In every zone different quantities of the tadjalli are working. Based on the level of these quantities, the universal system is composed of various formulas. These formulas can be observed with the help of the lens of the Divine Light (tadjalli). With the lens of the pure light (nur) the esoteric form of the things that are formed by these formulas can be seen. Moreover, with the material lens the outward or physical body of these things can be observed. Hence, any particular being exists simul­taneously in all three zones. In other words, the universe is divided into three zones. One of the zones is visible to us all the time; however, the other two are hidden from our sight.

The zones that are hidden from the sight are the subconscious. The sight of the spirit (ruh) that functions in the subconscious and works in multiple layers of the spirit continuously sends information to the con­sciousness. Every layer of the spirit is in constant motion by the Divine Will. Hence information of every movement is being transferred from the subconscious. This is what is known as the news of the hidden.

The news that comes from the layer of Divine light (tadjalli) to the consciousness is vahii. Cognition in the sphere of Divine Light enables the consciousness to observe the descending state of the universe. God has given the spirit His creative knowledge. When the Divine light goes through the layers of the spirit then the cognition of the spirit trans­forms it into a creative form. This form goes through pure light (nur) and lights and then eventually takes it physical form and comes before the eye.

When the speed of the subconscious and consciousness becomes even (parallel) then all three layers of the spirit are activated simultane­ously and their mutual distance disappears. The descending Divine Light then falls directly into the consciousness. In this condition the con- sciousness of the Divine Light becomes dominant. Divine Cognition becomes dominant and the creature cognition becomes dormant (sub­missive).

Among the prophets of God the most subtle of Divine Light works. They are able to recognize the Divine Wisdom through their own Spirit. The subtle senses of the Spirit take them over and even in the physical world they live with the senses of the Spirit.

The Divine light is not God but the reflection of His Essence. The Divine light is His Veil (hijab e'lahi). No one can glimpse God beyond His Divine Veil nor can any of His creatures access Him without it.

The universe is the creation of God. The vision of the spirit sees and recognizes every being in its creative form. For unless a being becomes a created figure, it remains unrecognized and unnamed.

Spirit (ruh) is the Divine Will (amr). Human Spirit spreads God' Will into the universe. First, the Spirit transforms itself into the ultra­pure-light (tadjalli) of the Divine Will. Just as when software is down­loaded into the computer, its hardware converts the cryptic script into a creative picture (or design) and displays it into the monitor. The cryptic script of the software is nothing but numbers or alphabets (formulas). That formula or language then is read by the hardware, which in turn displays the creative graphics. In the same manner, a whole being in the complete shape and form is recognized.

The tadjalli sphere of the Spirit in turn absorbs the ultra-pure-light (tadjalli) which was sent by God into the spirit (ruh). These ultra-pure­lights are of the fixed quantities of the Divine Wisdom. Each quantity is one of the formulas of the universe. This formula is what is displayed to the Spirit. In other words, the inner realm of the creation comes for­ward. In it lie the lights of the Divine Names (isma e'lahiya) and the details of their movements and systems. Then in the sphere of the ordi­nary lights, the physical form of the being is manifested. This body per­forms its functions and motions based on the program that was downloaded in it.

The reality of vahii is that in the consciousness those ultra-pure­lights descend that are send by God to the spirit (ruh). The spirit then converts these ultra-pure-lights into consciousness. And consciousness through cognition puts meanings into these ultra-pure-lights. At the time of the descent of vahii the speed of consciousness becomes parallel to the speed of subconscious. That is why the words of vahii do not carry the lights of worldly thoughts.

Although after the closure of prophethood the system df vahii was terminated, the knowledge brought in by the prophets still exists in this world. The Divine Word, in the form of Holy Scriptures are with us. Whenever a person imitates the lifestyles of the prophets by being right­eous, the lights of this knowledge start filling in his Spirit.

By sending this vahii to His prophets, God activated (awakened) their consciousness to it point where they were able to recognize the movements of their spirit. Moreover, through their own Self (inner) they were able to recognize (Gnosis) the Attributes of God.

Whoever follows the path of prophets is able to gain the perspective of the prophets and through their medium, is able to acquire the Divine Knowledge, through which they become aware of the cosmic system.


Report XII

When I closed my eyes for Muraqaba, suddenly glitters of light start­ed appearing and I began to watch various things. I heard the voices of many close relatives. Voices were so clear that on one occasion I ended up talking to someone during Muraqaba. Towards the end of Muraqaba when I saw myself leaving my own body and ascending towards the roof, I panicked and opened my eyes and started staring at the roof where I saw something was moving upwards.

I saw the tomb of the Prophet during Muraqaba and then saw a chain of mountains. In its valley, there was a beautiful garden. Everywhere I saw greenery. It was a magnificent view. One day, I became so engrossed during Muraqaba that I became unaware of the surroundings. When for a moment my mind got distracted, even the breathing moments seem to be interrupting. When a thought of an old friend came to my mind it appeared as if he were standing there and I was watching him clearly.

One day during Muraqaba my mind started thinking about some relatives. Suddenly I started hearing people talking. I could hear their conversation very clearly. The next day when I asked them about the conversation they confirmed that those were the things they were talk­ing about.

Report XIII

When I was praying the isha prayer I felt, as if the prophet Muhammad were leading the prayers. I was standing right behind him. On my right side were Qalander Baba (founder of the Azeemia order) and on my left was Baba Ji.(Author). Dignitaries from other religions were there too. All the time I kept seeing, the lights from Prophet Muhammad emitting and falling on me. I could see him (Prophet) very clearly in the midst of those illuminating lights though his back was towards me. He was dressed in Arabic attire. His face was glowing and illuminating. There was a circle of pure light surrounding him. I was right behind him and that is why his lights were directly shining on me.

My entire attention was on him. That is why I was not able to see the faces of those people who were there.

Report XIV

I saw myself as if made of tadjalli. My body was very bright and I was sitting at a place where there was nothing but lights. In this lumi­nary place I was sitting in a Muraqaba posture. I was still and my open eyes were fixed at the space in front of me. My mind was blank just like a slate. Suddenly I saw a fast moving light come and enter my forehead.

(Saeeda Khatoon, Manchester).

Report XV

At 8:15 pm I was sitting at my living room. Suddenly a milky circle of one and a half cubic feet emerged in the front wall. It kept moving from one end to the other. The room was lit by mercury lights (tube lights) but the lights emitting from that circle were brighter. This contin­ued for about to minutes. Suddenly a new figure emerged which was even brighter than the previous one. That figure lasted for about 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile, I kept on staring at those figures. I was not aware of the surroundings. When these luminary figures finally left, I felt as if my brain had an electric shock. At that moment, a thought came to my mind that that figure was in fact Qalander Baba. There was a similarity between his facial expression and that figure. I started sobbing immedi­ately. I could not describe how I felt at that moment. My heartbeat went so high that I was afraid my heart would pop out of my month.


Report XVI

Suddenly I felt as if there were a body coming out of my own body and then that body took off from the window towards the sky. The body was attired in a white luminary dress. The whole space had a white cloudy stuff in it. That luminary body covered seven different ways as it was ascending. The scene was magnificent, there was white lights every­where.. That body seemed a little worried at one point. Then it lifted is face upward and a voice was heard "God will help you". When my spiri­tual body heard this voice, my physical body started shaking. Heartbeat went up. Then I heard "Al-Lahu Akbar" (God is greatest) and then I bowed and prostrated. Wished I could spend my whole life in that pos­ture. Then I saw several angels in two rows facing each other. There was a 5-6 foot distance between the rows. My spiritual body came in between then. The moment I tried to look up, I started trembling.

Report XVII

Right after I closed my eyes to begin Muraqaba I felt as if I came out of my physical body and was inside the tomb of Prophet Muhammad.

Right away, I started reciting durud in my heart. I felt as if a cooler light wi.n falling on me from the holy fence of the tomb. Then I saw myself inside the Kaaba in Mecca. Moments later the Kaaba started ascending towards the sky. I saw different types of people during the journey. Some of theni I knew. Eventually we reached a dead end. Here I saw row after row of angels. Then I saw myself in my room and felt that my being was spread throughout the entire room. I ended the Muraqaba at this point.

On another day during Muraqaba I saw a line of light traveling from the west to the south. I stopped at my house. At that point, I felt as if that light were in fact me. When I tried to focus then all the events of my life, from birth to present day were displayed like a movie. In them there were happy moments, sad ones, good, bad, everything was there. When I focused more, some future events were displayed as well. I was able to comprehend some of them while others were not clear. Then I saw that spiritual body among stars in the sky. But I was not able to keep my focus on that and I ended the Muraqbah.

(Ali Asghar, Saltcoats UK).

Report XVIII

During Muraqaba I saw Murshid Kareem (Author) with me. He then said, "Let's go see the skies." We then started ascending. Our bod­ies were floating like birds. We then entered the skies. We went through clouds of very bright lights which lead to a very clear space. Below there are different cities. Many people were seen working in their field. It was lush green. Big clean rivers were running as well. On the banks of the river, people had crops of different vegetables, fruits, and stuff. We saw all that in one blink of an eye and resumed our upward flight. We entered the clouds of light again and later moved on to another clear space, which had valleys and towns all over the place. We then moved on to another clear space after going through other clouds of light. As we sent through the clouds it felt as if this were the border of the heavens.

I then asked Murshid Kareern (author) that I thought that the bor­der between two skies would be of steel or other harder substance which would make it impossible to penetrate. Instead, all I see is lights after lights, which can be penetrated very easily. There is no hurdle here. Baba Ji (author) replied, "The sky is the limit of human sight. When consciousness enters the field of subconscious, its sight gradually increases, and man's inner sight beholds the realm of subconscious (a'lam al-ghayb). To behold the realm of the hidden, there is no restriction imposed by God. However, on every level of the sky, the worlds that exist are under the influence of different lights of Divine Attributes. The reason why the consciousness is unable to see beyond the sky is that it remains ignorant of the Laws of Lights of Divine Names (isma e'lahiya).

But when someone gains the knowledge of the Laws of the Divine Names, he or she then can enter the realm of subconscious at will and consciously. They then can observe the realm of the hidden (a'lani a!­ghayb) without any hurdle with their 'inner' vision.

Every level of sky is made of those lights of Divine Names that are responsible for its creation. Due to the concentration of lights of Divine Names at the border of the sky, our regular vision is unable to see any­thing beyond that.

However, when one contemplates the Divine Essence and Attributes, the lights of the Divine Names start penetrating their being. These Divine Lights introduce themselves to consciousness and it becomes aware of their presence. Its awareness is in fact its vision. In this world the amount of absorption of light depends on how far the per­son is knowledgeable of the Divine Names. After his death his station in the hereafter (aeraaf) depends on it. This means that after death the person lives with his outward senses and vision in the hereafter.

I was really glad when I heard this explanation from Baba Ji (author). Then I asked him if it was necessary to acquire knowledge of Divine Names in this world in order to gain access to these realms.

He said, "Merely acquiring knowledge and becoming aware of some­thing is not enough. Unless and until the characteristics of the Divine Names are performed in the individual, he or she would not be able to have access to this realm upon his or her death. That is why God has cre­ated seven skies so that the individual be able to learn the science of each and every light of Divine Names working in each level of sky and slowly their consciousness able to absorb these lights. Every sky is the level of growth of consciousness. Each sky shows the different speed of con­sciousness. This means that the senses that exist in the consciousness, functions in the corresponding speed that exists in these realms. When the individual speed of senses becomes parallel to that of the speed of the senses of those who live in these realms, only then the individual is finally able to gain access to these realms and journeys through it and acquires their knowledge". The realm where after death the spirit of the deceased is transferred is called the realm of aeraaf.

In the dream I see that the Baba Ji (author) hand is on the top of my head like an umbrella. From his fingers the lights are being transferred to my brain because of which my brain becomes extremely bright and I started to fly in the space like a bird. Even during the flight, I saw his hand on top of my head. During the flight I kept the dhikr and offered thanks and praise to God Almighty. At the same time, I kept looking below to see where I was flying. I saw the land of aeraaf below. I then decided to visit it. I landed on its soil and started walking around to see things. It was a very beautiful city. There were garden lakes everywhere.

The weather was nice. I kept praising and thanking the Lord. During tluit time, I entered an area where there were small houses and even with this nice weather and greenery, every one was staying inside. My vision went inside and I saw people were sitting heads down and very depressed. As if they had no energy to lift their heads and see the beau-t%, outside in order to uplift their spirit.

I felt as if they were engrossed in the memory of the world that they left behind. A thought came to my mind that Allah did not stop them I rom enjoying the good weather and scenery; they had imposed the imprisonment on themselves. If they take just two steps to come outside tlwn the open air would wash away all their agonies and despair and t hevv would become happy and content. Some of them looked familiar. I convinced them to leave the place and come outside.

Then after that, I came across a very modern housing area. Big cas­tles like homes and their designs resemble geometric figures. They were colored with very light paints and looked fabulous. Then I saw someone whom I had known. He had died few weeks ago. He was very glad to see me and then he said, "Auntie! You are here. How come?"

He was wearing a tailored suit. I was glad to see him too. I said to him that I went to the other end of aeraaf where instead of happiness all I saw was misery. It is a good thing that I see you. He then said let's go and see things. First, he said he was going to take me to his home. We sat in the car. He told me that he had designed the car himself. That car resembled a flying saucer. Very beautiful, however there was no steering wheel, no gear, nothing in it except a few buttons. I then asked him how it was going to run.

He said, "Auntie! Wherever you want to go, simply think about it and this car will take you there. And it was true. He thought about a place and then the car started moving at high speed and stopped at a huge white palace. Its design was also based on the geometric figures but looked very elegant. He showed me his home, his cars, everything, was very advanced. He said that the mental speed of the people here was far greater than those of Earth. However, even here there were towns where people were living primitively. I then felt that those people who remain ignorant of God's Knowledge willingly are leading an even more morose living here. Because the speed of this world was at least 10,000 times faster then our world (Earth), nothipg can increase the speed of mind but knowledge and the faster the mind gets, the more practical the indi­vidual becomes. Then in this fast-paced society every one has to catch up in order to fit in. Otherwise they become isolated and depressed and find no one but themselves for pity. After watching all this, I thanked God for letting me acquire all these branches of knowledge.

Mrs. Abdul Hafeez Butt, England



In the current information age, the very question of what Man is, and to what extent his abilities go, has gained prominence. Metaphysical knowledge tells us that Man is not just a mass of muscles and bones but in fact is a living universe or microcosm (a'lam asghar) itself. His life is primarily relying on information. As a matter of fact his life is nothing but a collection of thoughts and imagination. His every movement is influenced by information and thoughts. Every human achievement is circled around the unseen world of cognition, imagination and creative thoughts. By giving new meaning to this idea, Man creates and invents new things out of nothing.