Heart of the Cosmos

We are continuously bombarded by different thoughts and images. It all happens without our will or intention. Moreover, without our discretion, thoughts gradually enter our con­sciousness. The thoughts, imaginations, feelings, and needs that are essential to human life consist of three stages.

One kind of thoughts and feelings lets human be aware of their own existence and to see themselves as human, which suggests that it is an individual feeling. This kind of consciousness exists in all creatures of this Universe. A goat is also aware of its existence and so is a pigeon.

The second consciousness lets the Self be aware of its own kind. For example, when this consciousness works inside a human being, humans beget other humans, just as from a cat spring other cats. The feelings of a human child are the same as its parents and the kitten has all those feelings that exist in a cat.

The collection of all these thoughts and awareness is a conscious­ness that exists in all creatures collectively, and the manifestation of that consciousness is "vision." This consciousness wherever it manifests, has it similar style. For example, a man sees water as water and so does a goat, which also drinks it to quench its thirst. The nature of this vision or consciousness has not changed from eternity to the modern day. Change of space also does not affect its role either.

Because of this consciousness all creatures are joined in an invisible bond. That is why the fundamentals of this Universe are the same. The forces of thirst, hunger, sadness, vision, hearing, and touch exist in all creatures. When these forces activate in species then each species applies that force in its own way. For example, hunger exists in both the lion and the goat. However, how they meet their needs is different. Each species' mind works on its own. In other words, the mind of that species becomes the individual consciousness of that individual.

The cosmic mind is like a seed of a tree. The stem of the tree, its branches, flower, fruits, everything has its foundation in that tiny seed.

That one seed manifests itself in thousands of ways. If there were no seed then there would not be any tree. In the same fashion, all species and individuals of those species come into motion from the cosmic mind (consciousness). Species and all the thoughts, imaginations, and feelings that work in species are the extension of that one unit.

The analogy of an electrical power station can help us understand this even further. If for instance the mind of the species is considered as an electrical current and all the species as bulbs, then just as the electri­cal current goes to millions and trillions of electric bulbs from the power station; in the same manner the information from the cosmic mind (consciousness) reaches the species and its individuals. Since this infor­mation system works like the electrical system, the mind of all the species are interconnected with each other.

When we look into life itself, it becomes evident that one side of our mind functions in the physical life while the other side is the source of the information of life, in which all the information and actions are stored. That side influences our conscious life. In our physical body, numerous bodily functions are carried out without the conscious will or intention. For example in order to breathe, or to blink, or for the heart to beat, we do not need our will power. These functions are performed on their own in an orderly fashion.

During the reproductive process the features of species, its ideas, and information are transferred from the individual to their offspring. In reproduction, the role of individual consciousness is marginal; the main role is played by the species and cosmic consciousness.

With the advancement of genetics, it is not difficult to comprehend that the features of the newborn are always similar to that of his or her parents or relatives. The offspring always carry the features that belong to their own species. Not only does it inherit physical features but habits and behavior are transferred as well. In other words, the images of species and the attributes of cosmic consciousness are transferred like a record from parent to the child. Both of these records are stored in every newborn child. As the child grows, his consciousness broadens.

These facts point out that inside all of us there is an intelligent and authoritative system that works without will or intention. In Sufism, this intelligent consciousness is known as the consciousness of species. When this consciousness controls the collective values of all species, it is referred as the collective consciousness of the Cosmos. These two con­sciousnesses are the foundation of the entire Universe and are collec­tively "Spirits" (ruh).

Every person possesses along with an individual consciousness, species and cosmic consciousness. By species, we meant all the individ­uals from the first day of creation to the current moment. The collection of the feelings of species does not exist in the individual consciousness; instead, it exists in species mind and from there it is transferred to the consciousness.


A person wants to learn to drive. When he pays attention to it and learns the necessary skills and traffic law to operate a vehicle then after a given period he or she is able to operate a vehicle and obtain a license to drive.

This means that that person activated the skill that already existed inside him or her and made it part of his or her consciousness. In the sane way that person can learn any skill or trade of his or her own Species. This skill is stored in their species-consciousness and from there it transferred into the consciousness and becomes part of it. In the same way when a person wants to awaken the species-mind or cosmic-mind, then he or she can more or less succeed in the effort the way they are successful in activating the species-mind.

When all the feeling of individual consciousness is absorbed into the consciousness of the species then the individual consciousness is dis­solved into the consciousness of the species and it makes contact with the collective consciousness of the human species. They can send their thoughts to any person without the help of any outside medium; no mat­ter how far away the other person lives. They can receive thoughts as well. This skill of transfer of thoughts could be used in many aspects of charisma and improvement of the personality. This discipline is com­monly referred as telepathy. When the individual consciousness pro­gresses to a point where it is in harmony with the cosmic consciousness, then they are able to become aware of the collective consciousness of all creatures. Actions and attributes of animals, plants, and angels can be accessed. Planets and star systems can be observed as well.

When the individual consciousness of any person enters the species-consciousness and after that, the cosmic consciousness, then they can study the entire Universe. Since the Universe is dominated by a single consciousness, every wave is aware of the other though they may be at the opposite ends of the Universe. Therefore, if we, through our focus, let the consciousness be immersed into these two consciousnesses then we can understand them just as we are aware of our own conscious feel­ings and states.

Through higher mental concentration, we can observe the planets and stars of our Universe. Humans, animals, jinns, angels, actions, lifestyles, and the inner realm of plants can be studied and observed as well. The continuing practice of Muraqaba improves the concentration and the individual consciousness, and after being dissolved into the cos­inic consciousness sees and hears everything and records it in the memory.



In the current information age, the very question of what Man is, and to what extent his abilities go, has gained prominence. Metaphysical knowledge tells us that Man is not just a mass of muscles and bones but in fact is a living universe or microcosm (a'lam asghar) itself. His life is primarily relying on information. As a matter of fact his life is nothing but a collection of thoughts and imagination. His every movement is influenced by information and thoughts. Every human achievement is circled around the unseen world of cognition, imagination and creative thoughts. By giving new meaning to this idea, Man creates and invents new things out of nothing.