Muraqaba of Life after Death

Human life does not end with death. After death, the human ego, takes on the form of an illuminating body upon leaving the phys­ical body. Through the illuminating body, it remains active. Much like in dreams, where the physical senses (physical world) become subordinated to the subconscious senses (senses of world of lights) but do not become idle. Our condition during sleep resembles death. However when the dominant senses of body of light take over the sens­es of physical body in a way that the physical senses are unable to regain dominance then the physical body becomes permanently idle. This is what death is.

The Muraqaba of after life is practiced to recess the physical senses by imposing the senses of the body of light temporarily. When the stu­dent becomes skilled then they can suspend their physical senses (con­sciousness) and let the senses of light (subconscious) take over whenever they wish and vise versa.

There is a famous saying of the Prophet Muhammad:

"Die, before death clutches thee." This hadith also points to this idea of experiencing the life after death while you are still alive and well by simply subordinat­ing your physical senses to the subconscious. This way you can discover the world where souls live after the death of their bodies."


Lie down in a comfortable place. Then shift focus to every part of your body to make them relax. Imagine that you are flying in the space in your body of light, heading towards life after death. Gradually the body of light, also known as Aura, becomes activated and is able to wit­ness the realm where humans move after death and to watch their lifestyle.

Let' go and find the secrets of life after death! Sit in a squat position, close your mouth, and inhale slowly through your nostrils and hold. Keep on holding as long as you can then open your mouth and slowly exhale. Imagine the depth of the grave and spiritually step inside the grave.

Below is the authors own account of the observation during the Muraqaba of life after death.

Now we are under the grave.. .a mixed smell of soil and camphor is all over the the oxygen is so low that it's suffocating... eyes are getting heavy and sleepy... eyelids are still... blinking has stopped. ..the vision is now focused at one point... right before the eyes we are seeing small and big spring-like circles come towards us.. .Glory to God! How delightful and colorful the scenery is.. .how come suddenly it's dark now...I can not even see my hands...


In front of us about two hundred miles away there is a light in the space.. .there is a door nearby.. .let's go inside...

Wow! There is a whole city in there.. .high rise buildings, well-built buildings and others not so great as well. There are bayous and a wash area too. Lush greenery and flowers and trees with fruits as well.. .in the town there are palaces and stoneage like caves where people live, all in the same place...

I was curious to see what was inside those caves. When I looked inside, it was a very dark cave where human souls were resting. How shameful it was that in this part of the supernatural world everyone was nude. They were not even aware of the idea of clothing. These nude peo­ple were watching me in utter amazement. Finally, one of them asked me the reason I bothered to put this load (of clothing) on my soft body, though by appearance I looked just like them.

After a long session of debates, we learned that these souls belong to the time when the inhabitants of the world had no social order and had no idea about the need to cover their private parts.

Magnificent City

This whole city whose population exceeds billions and trillions has been there for millions of years. You can walk around and see the culture and civilization of millions of years. Here there are some people who are not aware of the use of fire and those who are classified in our world as stoneage people. In this city there are some nations who are even more advanced than we are in our scientific and information age. They had created far more advanced aircraft and missiles. Also, in this city there was this intellectual nation which had formulas that negate gravity and were able to reduce the mass of thousands of tons to fewer than that of a pillow for construction purposes.

Also in that city there are those who had control over time and space and were able to know what angels were doing while they were still liv­ing on earth. Through their inventions they were able to avert the winds and were able to reduce the intensity of the high winds. In this city, there are the guest of gods in the Heaven and those who are waiting for their turn to become the fuel of Hell.

Here there are fields of crops and marketplace too. In the market­place, there are shops but no shoppers. Let us go and see what is going on there.


There was this person sitting in his shop, where there were boxes everywhere but nothing was in them. He looked sad and gloomy. I said, "How are you?" He replied, "I am sad because it's been five hundred years and not a single customer has come in yet." After inquiring it was revealed that this person was a capitalist when he was in the earth, prof­iteering and fraud were his routine.

In the next shop, there was another person, an old one. His hair was dry and uncombed. His face showed signs of fear and anxiety. In front of him were papers and account books. The shop was big and clean. This person was busy calculating something in the book and would say the numbers aloud. He would keep saying the numbers and calculating over and over and every time the final figure would turn out to be wrong. Every time he realized the total was wrong he would start screaming, crying, cursing himself, and then go back to calculating. I asked him, "what are doing and how long have you been doing this?"

He looked at me for a few seconds and said, "I could not tell you my condition. I have been trying to calculate correctly for the past three thousand years but have not been able to do so because in my life I was the accountant and used to cook other people's books."

Evil Religious Leaders

There was this person, the mullah (priest). His beard was long like ropes. When he walks he gathers his beard and wraps it around his hips. But when he starts walking the wrapped beard opens and he falls on his face. To my inquiry he said, "In my life on earth I had a long beard so that I could deceive people. Having a long beard was something I con­sidered important. Through it, I could easily deceive naive and good people.

Then I saw another person shouting loudly saving, "0 people, let me tell you what God has said, come on people I will tell you everything that God has said." No one paid attention to him but I saw a group of angels heading towards him.

They said to him, "Tell us what God has said." The mullah (priest) replied immediately, "I have been thirsty for a long time, give me some water and then I will tell you everything." Then the angels give him hot boiling water. When he refuses, they pour the water on his face and then laugh at him, saying loudly, "Curses on him, he was saying that he is going to tell the word of God. In the world as well he used God's name for his hidden motives. Here he is doing the same." From his burned mouth come unbearable screams. I then went away from him. It was horrible to watch.


In this huge city, there is a dark and congested street. At the end of the street, there are fields of crops and jungle. Here there is a house made up of walls and a fishnet like roof. There is no protection from rain or sunlight. In this house, I saw only women. The environment was tense and suffocating. One woman was sitting there. Surprisingly her upper body was normal but her legs were ten feet long.

Seeing her in this misery, I asked her, "Madam, what is going on here?" She said that during her life on earth she was known for gossip­ing. Now she was incapable of walking and her legs were burning like charcoal. No one was there to sympathize with her.


There was this person walking with fear and had a knife with him. 0 God, he stabbed another person with his knife and started drinking the blood. Because of drinking the blood he started vomiting. He got very weak and said, "I wish I had known in the finite world that this would be the punishment for backbiting."

Tall Buildings

There were these tall men, about twenty feet tall with wide bodies. Because of their length and width they could not enter any buildings of the area. They were walking, jumping from one roof to the other but were not able to sit and relax. Sometimes they cry or hit their head in distress.

I asked them, "What is going on here, why are you so sad and wor­ried?"

One of them replied, "In the world I seized the rights of orphans and made buildings out of that wealth. These are the same buildings, now their doors are closed to me. Delicious and greasy food has put air and fire in my stomach. The air has made my body so big that I can no longer enter my building and the fire...this fire is burning me. I want to flee but there is no escape."

Now let us see the other side of the life after death.

Angel of Death

During the Muraqaba of life after death, I saw a home at the end of a field. Inside the walls, there is a big tree. There are many people stand­ing under that tree. I went there as well. I saw a woman arguing with someone saying that she would not allow him to take away her husband. That man replied that he could not help her as he was acting on Divine Command. He said, "These are the matters of God, He does what He wishes." The woman then shouted, "Ah!" and began crying. I went ahead and asked the man why he was harassing her. He looked at me and said, "Look at me closely and recognize who I am."

I then closed my eyes the way we do in Muraqaba and tried to see him. I then realized he was the angel of death. I greeted him respectful­ly and extended my hand for a handshake. The archangel Izraeel shook my hand and I felt as if electricity were going through me. I felt the shocks as well and was knocked down by the force of the current.

I was scared; nevertheless I asked him politely, "What is the matter with her husband?" The archangel Izrael replied, "He is the beloved ser­vant of God. This woman is his wife and she is also a good person. God has commanded this man to leave the world. I was told that I can only collect his soul if he so wishes. He is with the Divine Wish and ready to leave this world, but his wife is insisting that she will not let me take his soul unless they both die together."

Then the angel of death took my hand and we went to a nearby room made of clay. There I saw a holy man lying in a gray colored blanket. The pillow was of leather and inside there were date tree leaves. His beard was short and round. He had a tall muscular body, broad forehead with big bright eyes. One thing I noticed as well was that his forehead was so bright as if the rays of the sun were coming from it. It was so bright that I could hardly stare at it. Upon entering the room the angel of death said to him, "Assalaam Alaykum O Abdullah (Slave of God)!"

I too said, "Salaam Alaik, Mr. Abdullah!"

Hazarat Abdullah (most likely his name was abdullah as well) then said to the angel of death,

"What order of our Creator have you brought with you?"

The angel replied, "God wishes to see vou."

Then the angel sat in front of him in a meditative pose and the holy man slowly lay in front of him. His body shook for a second and then his soul left his body. The angel then departed for the sky. I could see him going up and up...

Muraqaba Nur

According to the spiritual science, the main ingredient of creating this universe is nur. There is a verse in the Quran (Koran):

"God is the nur of the skies and the earth."

Nur is that special form of light that not only can be seen but is also a source of guidance to other lights. Light, waves, color, these are all the attributes of nur. One of the other main qualities of nur is that it can run simultaneously in both the present and the past and connects past and present. If this connection did not going work, then the universe's con­nection with the past would be disconnected resulting in its annihila­tion. We can use the analogy of memory here. We are individually and collectively in every moment of our time are connected with our past. When we reminisce about our childhood or any other event of our past then through nur, the past enters the present and we are able to remem­ber the events the way they happened. Besides humans, the senses of angels, genies and other creatures are also based on the nur. In spiritu­ality the Muraqaba of Nur is given to students so that they may familiar­ize themselves with it. There are several ways of doing this Muraqaba:

The student imagines the entire Universe and its creatures are immersed in the ocean of Nur. The students also imagine themselves being immersed in it.

The students imagine that a stream of nur is shining on the entire world from the Divine Throne. The muraqib (student) feel the nur is also shining on them.

There is a verse in the Quran (Koran):

"God is the nur of skies and the earth, its example is like a tray in which a lamp is placed and that lamp is inside the case of glass."

[Chapter: Nur]

By using the above example of the Qur'an (Koran), the student imagines that their entire body is lit with the light of that lamp.

All the religions of the world speak of an invisible form of light, a light that is the source of all other lights. It is stated in the Bible,

"And when God said light, there was light."

Moses first saw the light in the burning bush in the Sinai and through that light conversed with God. In Hinduism that light is called Jot.

In all the forms of spirituality, the Muraqaba of nur is given to prac­tice. Its style is similar to what was described earlier.



In the current information age, the very question of what Man is, and to what extent his abilities go, has gained prominence. Metaphysical knowledge tells us that Man is not just a mass of muscles and bones but in fact is a living universe or microcosm (a'lam asghar) itself. His life is primarily relying on information. As a matter of fact his life is nothing but a collection of thoughts and imagination. His every movement is influenced by information and thoughts. Every human achievement is circled around the unseen world of cognition, imagination and creative thoughts. By giving new meaning to this idea, Man creates and invents new things out of nothing.