To gain self-awareness and to awaken spiritual abilities, Muraqaba should be practiced consistently. Through Muraqaba, our hidden qualities slowly surface and we eventually gain self-awareness. It is our daily observation that when we try to learn a new skill or any form of art or to awaken any latent ability we have to practice using it devised method. Continued practice results in gradual improvement in ability and eventually we acquire that skill. For instance when we try to learn painting, at first with the supervision of a teacher we begin with drawing lines on a paper, which ends up in some kind of a sketch. In the beginning the pencil does not draw what we intend to draw. However, with practice we are eventually able to draw what we are supposed to.


A newborn infant does not understand the environment in which he lives, the way an adult person does. He sees things but is not able to comprehend their meaning or use. Knowledge of the environment comes slowly in a systematic fashion and intellectual maturity takes years. In the beginning, the child has difficulty in utilizing his abilities. When he starts to walk, he first crawls. Moreover, when he can stand on his feet then for number of months he is unable to balance. It takes the effort of many months before he is able to walk on his own.

Speaking starts with broken words then progresses to incomplete sentences. Often the meanings of words gets mixed up. However, with passing of time a child is able to converse using complete sentences. Together with individual efforts and the help of teachers and parents, the child is eventually able to read and write after spending years learn­ing.

The point we are trying to make is that when any new ability grows, the consciousness absorbs it gradually. Just as a child goes through dif­ferent stages of learning to acquire full knowledge about any subject, in the same manner, an adult also has to go through various learning lev­els in order to acquire any new skill. More or less the same condition prevails when someone tries to activate (awaken) esoteric or hidden senses. Since learning hidden senses is it relatively new process for the consciousness, in the beginning it faces some difficulties and challenges in understanding and using them.

It would be premature to assume that as we close our eves for Muraqaba within a day or two all those observations and experiences would become known that are the essence of Muraqaba. With continued practice and enthusiastic interest, a person gradually journeys through the realm of muraqaba.

In the beginning, rental focus is hard to achieve. However, with practice it is eventually achieved. The more focus or concentration is enhanced the more hidden senses are activated. Based on the conscious­ness strength the person goes through the spiritual experiences and eso­teric observations. Spiritual state and observation increase with time.

Once fully achieved the spiritual abilities can be used at will just as other physical abilities.

During these stages, spiritual students need a spiritual tutor who can teach them almost as if they were kindergarten students, until the student eventually masters his or her own spiritual skills.

The spiritual state and observation varies in every individual and it depends on the spiritual and conscious level of that person. That is why only an experienced Spiritual Master or (murshid) can analyze an indi­vidual's spiritual strength. However, depending upon the conscious strength, the different levels or stages that any student goes through are more or less the same. Based on strength and ability the different stages or levels are the following.


Drowsiness is the earliest stage of Muraqaba. When someone begins the practice of Muraqaba for the first time, often he or she becomes drowsy and goes to sleep. After few days the condition that prevails in the mind can neither be called asleep or awake. This is all interim stage between waking and sleeping. However, the consciousness is not vetaware of that. That is why after the; Muraqaba, one feels like he or she saw something but are unable to remember it.

1. I did the Muraqaba at 10: 17 pm. I was, focused right away. Often I would go into sleep. I felt like I was washing someone's feet. Then during the drowsy state, I saw a black shadow (which was not solid) left Out from my body, and was absorbed into the front wall.

(Akmal, Lahore)

2. During Muraqaba, I visualize Qalandar Baba (founder of Sufi order of Azeemia). During Muraqaba my mind remains focused. However, while doing it I sometimes fall asleep. Then a very light image of Qalandar Baba appears and when I try to focus on it. I fall asleep. On average I do Muraqaba .for orinutes daily. However, except for the initial visualization nothing else registers in my mind. By the grace of God, my in nd is much purified now.

(Tahir Jalil)

3.Under the influence of sleep, I saw that repentance was being taught. On one occasion during Muraqaba, while I was groggy I saw I was meeting with jinns. I felt a little fear. I could not remember the details of the encounter. All day I do the invoca­tion (dhikr) of Ya-Hayiyo- Ya- Qayum which makes me feel that God is always facing me. During prayers as well, the feeling that God is seeing remains prevalent. Sometimes it leads to ecstasy during which all I want to do is to cry. Once the drowsi­ness was so strong that I felt that God is present in every piece of sand of this Universe and then I felt like I no longer exist.


Colorful Dreams

After a given period of starting Muraqaba the student usually sees clearer dreams. Sometimes this starts right after going to sleep and con­tinues the entire night. Different scenes come and go in which he sees trees, flowers, greenery, mountains, lush green valleys, lakes, rivers, buildings, birds and so on. These dreams usually have more depth and detail. Even after waking up their effect lasts for a while.

The student sees colorful dreams as well. In these dreams, the vision is more colorful compared to other dreams. After seeing colored dreams, the viewer feels joy, delight and serenity. The reason behind seeing more and clearer dreams is that by practicing Muraqaba, a person's link with his subconscious increases and he is able to receive more and more of the flow of subconscious information. When dreams become deeper, then the person starts seeing more and more 'true dreams' in which future outcome is displayed in actuality rather then symbolically. Whatever that person sees in his dream usually manifests itself after awakening or whatever he sees is proven after he wakes up. Dreams become so clear that interpreting is no longer needed. The person can draw conclusions on his or her own.

Whatever a student sees in his or her dreams, the spiritual master (murshid) gives his student lessons based on that. Much spiritual based knowledge is transferred from the Sufi master to that student through dreams.

Using his spiritual power the master cleans the mind of his student. Impurity is washed and converted into subtlety.

This subtlety is gradually transferred from dream stage to awakened stage. Through dreams the spiritual master has his student journey into the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, the students glimpse and have audience with prophets, saints, and other spiritual personalities. Such matters come before observation so that the student has no choice but to remember them. The images of roya sadiga (true dream) are so deep that mind is forced to repeat them.

That is how consciousness achieves strength in keeping the esoteric flow and the fikr lateef (subtle cognition) flows in the student for a longer period. By seeing more and more dreams, the interest of the stu­dent in learning paranormal studies is also enhanced. He or she starts seeing the kind of dreams that enabled them to avoid future mishaps or ailments (sickness)

The following is a list of dreams sent by students and their interpretations given by the author of this book.

A female student reports:

I am very much interested in learning spiritual studies. Whenever I get a chance, I do Muraqaba. The following is a dream that I saw a couple cif days ago.


I saw a huge. field. In the middle of that field there is a hole similar to a grave. The field is lush green. However, in that grave a red liquid seemed to be present. Within moments, that liquid turned into a huge. lame fire.


The dream is reflecting high blood pressure. You need to check with it gynecologist in order to treat hypertension because it may endanger the life of your unborn baby.

Dream 2:

In our busy life, I try to find/ time to do Muraquba for 10-1 5 minutes. Following is a dream that I see very often A goat is being slaughtered and skinned. However, it is still alive but show's no sign of pain or discomfort, though the eyes show sadness. In the same' manner, I sometimes see a cow and that cow as well shows no sign of pain but its face reflects injustice. During the dream, I feel their pain and try to run away from it. In real life as well I could not see any animal being slaughtered (like during Eid-ul-Adha)


When there is no hope in life and depression kicks in, it seems like there is no light of hope at all. The subconscious then shows those images during deep sleep. Hopelessness and disappointment present these symbols in the form of gloomy and sad pictures. These are all the wishes that were not met and the heart does not have enough strength to replace them with new hopes and wishes. Your dream also points to a weaker mind.


During the pre-dawn hours of the morning for at least half an hour do brisk walking? It helps overcome the weakness of the mind.

Dream 3

I went to sleep right after doing Muraqaba. I saw in the dream that a ball of spaghetti came out of my mouth and my mouth was full of them. Some of them were cooked. I shredded some sugar on them and took them back into my mouth. With the help of my fingers, I forced them inside my throat. Right then I saw myself at a mountain and the rain started right after that. I have seen this dream twice. After getting up early in the morning, I usually get feverish. I have lost my appetite. All day I obsess about that dream.


The dream is pointing towards an ailment that has to do with the digestive system. The last part of your dream suggests that due to unbal­anced diet your intestine has become over-sensitive. To see this dream twice suggests that this disorder has not gone away and hence it could not simply be ignored. Needless to say a consultation with your physi­cian and a balanced diet are in order. Otherwise, this could lead to other complications.

Dream 4

After doing the Muraqaba, I lay down and went to sleep right away. I saw that I was told by my parents to polish the cooking pot from the polish shop. I told the person doing the polish that I would be lack with my cousin. When I got to home, my mom gave me mango and instructed me to take them to my sister-in-law. Upon reaching my sister-in-law's home, I was saddened to see her weak and sick. I gave her the mangoes and asked if she could go with me back home. She agreed and we went back home. Then I saw myself strolling some­where and I have a cooking pot with me. I also saw black stains in my clothes.


Overindulgence of sugar is causing trouble. Proper treatment has not been done yet which led to the outbreak of the disease which some­times remains dormant. When the next outbreak occurs please see your physician and follow his advice.

Dream 5

I am a retired government officer. I am 65 years old. I did Muraqaba every night for 15 minutes before going to bed. I saw in my dream that my son is getting married even though he is married and saw that his wife is actively involved in his second wedding.


You made a promise to someone but have not fulfilled it. Your con­science is reminding you of your obligation. Listen to your conscience or else you may have a nervous breakdown eventually.

Dream 6

Last night after doing the Muraqaba I went to sleep right away. I saw that my neighbor's house was on fire and the fire eventually reach­ing our home and part of it was being burnt. I, instead of extinguishing the fire, was wishing that it would grow. My dad warned me not to inflame the fire otherwise the roof would fall and the entire house would be destroyed and that would be a huge loss to us.


This dream is a warning. The person who saw that dream should avoid a behavior that led to a situation in his business and on which he is wrongly insisting. He should rethink and change his behavior.

Dream 7

I often go to sleep after doing Muraqaba. One night I saw in a dream that I have a 4-year-old daughter. My sister-in-law is insisting that I should beat my daughter because she is not pretty. I then grab her hand and my sister-in-law cuts her hand. After that, I sever my daughter's hand. Then after few moments when I see her, I saw that her hands are okay and are attached to her body. Then I saw one of her hands was cut and the other had only one .finger and a thumb. I got frightened and start crying and I said to myself how bad I am that I cut the limb of my own daughter.


Symbolic images of backbiting and uncontrolled anger were dis­played in the dream. The subconscious is strongly protesting this behav­ioral pattern. If the guidance of the subconscious is not followed, the consequences will not be pleasant.

Dream 8

Since last Saturday, I have started practicing Muraqaba after the pre-drawn prayers. The other night I saw in my dream that Jam going to Karachi. On my way to Karachi, I met several people who stabbed me. My whole body was blooded. Then I saw that they locked me in a room. When I was stabbed, I shouted and cried, however during crying no tears were coming out of my eyes. The place where I was locked there was another man who slaughtered a pony and gave me the flesh. Then I saw that there was a huge jungle in which bears and lions, chee­tahs and dogs were roaming freely. They started following me but I was able to run faster and started flying in the air. When I landed, I was surprised to see that there were no animals around. Then I start­ed to climb a thorny tree and then all of a sudden a bear starts chasing me. Then I climbed a mountain and saw an elephant. The elephant ran away after seeing another man; however, the bear stood there. Then after coming down from the mountain I started attacking the bear with a knife. The bear ran away after that and returned to my city (Multan).


All the different sketches of the dream point to anxiety, insecurity, worries, and ailing health. All these conditions came into being because the person who saw the dream is overly emotional. There is no balance in life. Consumption of food is improper as well.

Dream 9

I usually do Muraqaba daily and try not to miss it. I saw a dream, which I would like you to interpret for me. I saw that it was night time. The sky was of light blue color. When I looked up to see the sky I saw bright stars. In the middle of stars was a big moon. Near the moon, there is a fairy standing, wearing a glittery dress. She is wearing a shiny crown and has a white stick in her hand. There are stars in that stick as well and she is smiling at me.


Even since early childhood, you have a habit of thinking and day­dreaming. Due to the overindulgence of that behavior you have become ultra-sensitive. Because of which you have become unhappy and depressed, life seems like a collection of unhappy events. When that con­dition became serious and the nervous system itself was being a effected then it showed you this pleasant dream so that you may feel lightheart­ed. The dream you saw must have been quite a while ago because it does not reflect any thing about the practice of Muraqaba that you have been doing.

Levels                                          69

Dream 10

Even since I started Muraqaba, I have been seeing geometrical frgures in my dreams often. Whenever I see them, I get scared. These fig­ures sometimes evolve into a tree.




These figures represent the close friends who spend most of their time in the company of each other. Either they spend time together every day or at least several times in a week. There are a total of six or seven friends. Three of them are naive and down to earth and nice, how­ever the others are the bad seed. They are the kind of friends who give you wrong advice and are bad influence.


You have to be very cautions of these friends who give you intentionally wrong advice. Otherwise, you could end up in big trouble. (God forbids)

Dream 11

I have always been interested in learning paranormal sciences. I have seen some dreams in the past few days whose interpretation I am seeking.

1. I was standing at the window of my room and heard Prophet Muhammad reciting the Qur'an (Koran) in the basement. I said to myself the how beautiful the voice of Prophet Muhammad really is.

2. I saw myself donning white clothes and standing at my school. Standing beside me is the prophet Muhammad who is wearing white clothes as well. There are some people around too. Nearly a big candle is glowing. The prophet Muhammad then said that the time of his death is approaching and angels are descending from heaven. I then started sobbing and said to him not to talk like that and! hold his forearms and look him to another room. The other two men also accompanied us. They were standing right and left of him.

3. During the month of Shahan (the 8th Islamic month) I saw myself strolling in the terrace of my home after bathing. All of a sudden, a white cloud starts emitting light and falls on the front wall. The light starts writing the Kalama on the wall. I then started reciting the Kalama myself. I then called to my mom and sister to come but when they arrive the light goes off.

4. A few dogs ago, I saw in a dream that it was a nighttime and a full moon was on the horizon. All of my family was on the roof of my house. Every one said how lovely the moonlight was. I too liked the moon and the moment I raised my hand towards it, it came into my hand.


From early childhood, your ability to learn spiritual sciences was activated. Nature wants to use your spiritual abilities to assist the mis­sion of Prophet Muhammad and, God willing, you will be able to help spread his mission. The best thing would be for you to select a spiritual master who has gone through the ups and down of the spiritual path to assist you in your spiritual endeavors.

I pray for you that God may make you the source of peace and seren­ity for His creatures and the medium through which the spiritual mis­sion of Prophet Muhammad is spread across the globe (Amen).

The interpretation of all the dreams that you have seen is what I just stated above.

Dream 12

I went to sleep after performing Muraqaba. I saw in my dream that my husband and I, along with another man and woman were going somewhere. This woman took us to a desert, took my hand, and started running. We were running in a circuIar f'orrnation and I felt like we were sinking in the sands while running. Then I felt as if we were not the only ones instead there were thousands of men and women. livery one was holding each others hand and though sand was up to their neck, they kept running. I could not tell how exciting it was. Suddenly I felt like we were circling the Holy Kaaba. It was very dark but I knew that my family was there too. Though I could not tell which members of my family were there, I did know that my aunt was there. Then a white pigeon came and the entire place was lit. In the dark I could only see that pigeon; then I heard that voice of my aunt asking, "did you know who that pigeon was?" I then asked her who it was and she said it was Sufi Master Muhammad Zachariah. I woke up right then. This is the second time in the six months that I have seen him. In the first dream, I saw his tomb.


Sufi Master Zachariah was a Qutb (see glossary). Since you have seen him in your dream, you are definitely going to get the spiritual blessing (faidh) from him. Please arrange for his soul, Quran khuwani and lungar (see glossary).

Dream 13

I have been doing Muraqaba twice: first before going to bed and second, at the predawn hour. I saw in my dream that I am running up the stairs, which are going all the way up the hill. At the hill top there is a tomb of some Sufi master. A few days later, I saw a similar dream of running up the stairs. When I reached the top, there was a shrine ofsome Sufi master. I was spiritually overwhelmed at the scene. I want­ed to enter the shrine but then I woke up.

Before seeing these dreams I saw a long time ago that some Sufi saints were descending from the sky in ajeep, their faces were glowing. They saw me and then went away. Then came back and returned towards the sky in the same jeep.

A couple of years ago when I was in Karachi I saw a dream when after performing the pre-dawn prayers I took a nap.I saw a huge serpent coming towards me. I quickly put a basket made of wood on top of it. Right away, a bright light started coming of that basket.


You have genuine interests in learning spiritual sciences and your Soul is telling you that if you practice with persistence you will eventual­ly succeed. During the period when you saw the dream about the snake and the basket, you had tonsillitis. If you get that again make sure you complete the treatment and the entire course of medicine. A chronic tonsillitis could result in other complications. My experience shows that a chronic tonsillitis could cause polio as well. Using color therapy oil made of yellow Lights is the best cure for tonsillitis.

Dream 14

Every night before going to bed, l do Muraqaba of "visualization of Sufi master. ' One night I saw that a Sufi master (author) called on us at our home. I was so happy that I wished I could tell the whole city. On our roof, there is a pot of roses whose branches extend to our terrace. We all are chatting. Then I informed all my friends that our Sufi shaykh is visiting and they all came to see him. My mom expressed the desire to visit Karachi and the Sufi shaykh invited us as well and said he would send his men to pick us up from the station. Their sign would be that they would be carrying Olive oil. Then my younger sister, and I went to see Sufi Shaykh with our relative and then I shouted, "Look who is here" after seeing the dream my morn woke me up. It was the time of dawn prayers.





The dream will manifest in reality exactly the way you have seen it. In fact, your devotion has activated your inner eye in your dream. May God give you spiritual improvement immensely (Amen)

Dream 15

I went to sleep right after doing Muraqaba and saw in my dream that two lions are sitting in a tall tree. I asked my uncle to bring a gun. While he was searching for the gun, the lions came out of the tree and gent into the woods. My two cousins were going towards the woods and I warned them about the lions but they ignored my advice and went anyway. One of them was attacked by the lion and took her feet into its mouth. People were gathered at the scene however no one had the courage to intervene. I went ahead and saved her from the clutch­es of the lion. She looked at me thankfully. I took her into my arm, and sent her home.


Man is composed of the elements. These elements are in order. God makes the decision of their quantity. Balance is kept in the creation and there is a system of values. In this sense, sexual thoughts are also a gift of nature. There are ways to accommodate it. However to indulge in erotic thoughts way ahead of time and to focus on it constantly is a waste of time and injurious to health as well. Things that come with time and appropriate condition should be acceptable. Man is entitled to desire but is not authorized to impose his will on others. This is what the Quran (Koran) teaches. Values are based on that we nevertheless surrender to this Divine Rule. All aspects of the dream are pointing towards this.

Dream 16

After doing Muraqaba, I went to bed immediately. I saw in my dream that in the sky words of Allah and Muhammad were written. Surrounding these areflowers in a cloudy way. On niy right hand there is a guy and I said to him that if the people or the government asked me to testify about this then I will testify about this. I have seen these two names with my own eyes. I often see myself praying or performing wudu in my dreams.


Beholding the glorious written names of God and the prophet Muhammad in the sky points to the pure and honest beliefs of the beholder. On the other hand, it also refers to success in life and a better future.

Dream 17

I am a student in eleventh grade; it has been three months since I started doing Muraqaba. One night I saw a strange dream whose interpretation I am seeking from you. The dream is as follows:

I am returning home from the house of my tutor. On my way back I looked towards the northeast side of the sky and I saw many moons in the sky and each of them had verses written on them. I became ecstatic by looking at it. That moment as I turned back to return to my tutor, I saw on the southeast side of the sky the verse of Surah al-Rahman of the Quran (Koran). I went straight to my tutors home. I informed him about it and he came along with me to see it. However, he could not see it. Right then I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep to see that writing one more time but could not.

I related this dream to my tutor the other day and he said it shows that my fixture is bright. Please interpret the dream for me.


The rule of giving dream interpretation is that once an interpreta­tion is given, any other interpretation of the same dream should not be given. Because after listening to the interpretation the subconscious reg­isters that interpretation. The prophet Muhammad has instructed that dreams can only be related to a person who has some knowledge of the technicalities of giving interpretation. Dreaming is one of the branches of Divine Knowledge (ilm ladani). This Divine Knowledge is not one that can be learned in academies. This branch of knowledge is a gift from the prophet Muhammad and is received only through his blessings.

Dreams about the future

Dream 18

I went to sleep right after Muraqaba. In the dream saw that I am in the residence of my maternal grandmother and watching the sky glittering. One of the stars which is red suddenly falls under my feet. Everyone was surprised. Then that star became a grey color bowl. It seemed like that bowl was ancient and sacred.


The dream is about your future. Your married life will be happy and good. In addition, from your maternal side a spirit will take a physical form and will be a source of pride for the whole family. I pray to God that what this dream is informing us, is fulfilled and no family dispute will twin it.

Dream 19

For the last month, I have been doing Muragaba before going to bed. I have seen many dreams so far. Someone donning a white dress carne to see my father and silently fetched some documents from the drawer and put them in his pocket and left. My father did not ask him any questions either; then I woke up.

I saw in my dream that in my city a huge market near the main road has been constructed and is now ready for business. I am taken aback by this market. I was wishing that I could climb to the top of the building when I wokeup. The next morning I went to see if there was anything out there but there was nothing.


In the first dream those papers symbolize money which you are about to get, out of nowhere. It is going to be a huge amount. Second dream is also similar to the first, which suggests how the money will bring more prosperity.

Dream 20

I Performed Muraqaba one night, the other night I saw in a dream that my four friends and I were sailing. I was the captain of the ship. Suddenly the ocean dried up and the ship came to rest on a mountain on an island. We were all perplexed about how to continue our journey. One of them suggested that after rainfall there would be enough water for the ship to sail away. Shortly afterwards the rain clouds came and witht thunder arid wind, heavy rain started to fall. There was enough wetter afterwards that I took the ship out of there anf started sailing again.


Four friends are the symbols of many plans and ideas that are stuck in the mind. These plans are for one thing only because all friends are in the same ship. In order to fulfill the plans there were some obstacles, which had caused hopelessness. Then the help came from a hidden source and things were getting better. This is going on for a while. Raining is the symbol of Divine Help. In the end the sailing of ship sym­bolizes eventual triumph.



In the current information age, the very question of what Man is, and to what extent his abilities go, has gained prominence. Metaphysical knowledge tells us that Man is not just a mass of muscles and bones but in fact is a living universe or microcosm (a'lam asghar) itself. His life is primarily relying on information. As a matter of fact his life is nothing but a collection of thoughts and imagination. His every movement is influenced by information and thoughts. Every human achievement is circled around the unseen world of cognition, imagination and creative thoughts. By giving new meaning to this idea, Man creates and invents new things out of nothing.