16-Week Program

Every Muraqaba gives you the needed peace of mind and higher concentration. However, this i6-week program is especially designed to give you even more. When this sixteen-week program is followed the way it is recom­mended, it results in removing and curing the following mental disor­ders and other diseases while achieving desired objectives as well.


Feelings of peace and harmony. Freedom from stress and worries.


Freedom from fear and anxiety. End of hypertension.


Heightened immunity and improved health.


Deep, more relaxed sleep.


1-4 Weeks:

Get up early in the predawn hours of the morning and after getting fresh up do the following:

I)         Do the breathing exercise (No.1:) and then...the down on the floor or bed and do the istayhraaq practice (No.1).

Your head should be facing north. I)o this practice for ten minutes. ;;. After that do the Muraqaba and in it imagine lights of blue color are shining on your head. The duration of the Muraqaba is 15 minutes. ;. Before going to bed at night, repeat the istaghraaq practice No.i for ten minutes and after that go straight to bed without talking to anyone.


5-8 Weeks:

The morning after having done the breathing exercise do the istaghraaq practice No.2. After that do the istaghraaq practice No.i and imagine lights of green color are falling on you like raindrop.

Before going to bed repeat istaghraaq practice No.1, go straight to bed without talking, and do the Muraqaba of the light of pink color.

9-12 Weeks:

Program of 5-8 weeks will continue.

13-16 Weeks:

The same program will continue except that after the breathing exercise instead of the istaghraaq practice, perform the following exer­cise.

Sit in the squat position and slowly inhale and imagine that through breath waves of energy and health are coming inside your body from the atmosphere and are being absorbed. Exhale without holding the breath. The duration of the exercise is five minutes.

Food Precautions

Avoid Fatty foods, hard-to-digest meals, spicy and high sodium diet. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are strongly recommended.


The following program is developed to improve the personality and to create magnetic attraction in an individual. Practice each program for a month.

Program-1: Get up early in the morning before sunrise and practice breathing exercise no.1. After the breathing exercises lie down on floor or a bed. Spread your legs while hands will be beside the body, palms facing upward. Inhale slowly from both nostrils and imagine magnetic waves from the South Pole are going through your body to the north. Imagine that these waves after reaching the North Pole are going back to the south. 5. While you are imagining the magnetic waves going south, exhale. In other words, you have to imagine those waves as a circle. 6. During imagination, the northbound waves will travel through you, however the southbound will travel outside you. 7. On the first day of this exercise, the duration will be five minutes. Increase it gradually to ten minutes.

Program-2: The first month program will continue to the following month.

Program-3: Continue the breathing exercises and the Muraqaba of waves. After these two exercises, do the solar watch exercise (shughul aftaabi). Do this exercise after the previous exercise and Muraqaba. The sun has the central and most important position in our solar system and is a source of light and energy. Its light is instrumental in preserving life on our planet. Animal and plants alike benefit from it. Over the years, the spiritual masters have created various methods to store and use as much solar energy as possible. These methods help not only the nervous system but also create magnetism. A strong and energetic nervous sys­tem is essential in both worldly and spiritual matters.

The easiest and safest method of shughul aftaahi is as follows: Before the sun rises, stand at a higher place, which could be a roof, top, hill, bridge or terrace. Depending on the place, either sit in a squat posi­tion or stand straight. You should be facing the sun. The moment the sun rises from the horizon, close your eves and start to focus on it. Slowly inhale and imagine the energy of the sun entering your body in the form of sunlight. When your lungs become full, imagine the solar energy is all over your body and then slowly exhale. On the first day do this exercise for one minute. After every ten days increase by one minute to a maximum of three minutes. Do this exercise even in cloudy weath­er. The only difference is that you are going to imagine the Sun on the horizon and your body is absorbing its energy.

Program-4: Stop the breathing exercise no.r and do no.2 instead. All other exercises will continue.

Food Precautions

Avoid greasy and spicy foods. Boiled meal is recommended, and olive oil can be used in small quantities. Stop smoking. Maximum allowance for tea or coffee is two cups a day.


When we look into our daily routine, it becomes obvious that most of the time our nervous system remains under stress. Hurrying to work, traffic jams, pollution, and office politics all contribute to this stress. Different social and domestic matters also occupy our mind. Bright lights at night and the habit of staying up late at night do not let the nerves and muscles relax fully. All this contributes to lower immunity and the organs of the body fail to perform fully. Eventually we become vulnerable to different diseases and ailments.

Should we be able to avoid all these negative factors in our lives and to find time so our nervous and bodily functions can work efficiently, then our improved immunity will be able to fight those diseases.

Mental Weakness

To overcome any nervous weakness, the Muraqaba of the blue light has proven to be highly effective. Following is the recommended pro­gram for that:

Get up early in the morning before sunrise and sit in the squat posi­tion facing the North. Do breathing exercise no.i and then close your eyes. Imagine the lights of blue color falling on your head like raindrops. Duration of the Muraqaba is between 15-20 minutes. Repeat this Muraqaba before going to bed at night. Within a few weeks, results will come however, for best results do this for a few more months.



In the current information age, the very question of what Man is, and to what extent his abilities go, has gained prominence. Metaphysical knowledge tells us that Man is not just a mass of muscles and bones but in fact is a living universe or microcosm (a'lam asghar) itself. His life is primarily relying on information. As a matter of fact his life is nothing but a collection of thoughts and imagination. His every movement is influenced by information and thoughts. Every human achievement is circled around the unseen world of cognition, imagination and creative thoughts. By giving new meaning to this idea, Man creates and invents new things out of nothing.