MAN, after his birth, gets connected with three realms. First of these three realms is the one where, after witnessing his Lord Creator, he pledged to fulfill the Holy Will of God. Second one is the realm that is known as the world of matter where the abilities and potentials bestowed upon man are put to test. And. the third one is the realm, where he is judged and informed about the success or failure in the test.

Man's success in the test in this world of matter, primarily depends upon man's awareness that he has pledged before God that God is his only Lord and the Creator.

According to the spiritual scholars, man is a collection of seventy thousand tiers. When man, according to the laws of God, enters into this world of matter, an overpowering shell constituent of arrogance, rebellion, Insecurity, disobedience, ingratitude, haste, uncertainty, dubiety and whims befalls upon him. The life spent in the domination of this covering has been termed as the  life of lower than the lowest (asfal assafaleen) in the holy Quran.

According to the teachings of the prophets of God, there are basically only two modes of functions in the entire universe, one, which is liked by the Creator and the other that is disliked by Him. That mode of functioning that takes a man away from his Lord Creator is not liked by God and is known as satanic approach and the mode which is liked by the Lord because it causes a person to become closer to his Lord is termed as Elohistic approach, or simply the mercy.


It is firmly established in the minds of those who opt for the path of spiritual associability that the human character is constructed from the thinking approach which a person possesses. If the thinking approach has complications, the character of such a person also becomes windy and crafty whereas if the thinking approach is righteous according to the norms of the Elohistic laws then the life of such a person is dominated with the virtues of simplicity and truthfulness. If the thinking approach is shallow, one takes everything superficially and if there is depth in the thinking approach, man longs to know the reality of a thing.

Everybody has been granted this realistic approach of thinking but most of us do not bother to exercise this approach of thinking. Despite having been granted a taste of reality man considers the untrue and unreal as true and real. When a spiritual associate advance on the paths of spiritual associability the unrealistic approach of thinking that has been transferred to him from his parents and the society starts converging into the realistic approach of thinking.

The impressions, which inscribe into the human mind, come from the ambient society and the deeper are these impressions, the firmer becomes the thinking pattern of the person. If the surroundings of a person are enriched with qualities that represent the mental complexities, uncertainty, unfair dealings, cheating and destructive approach of thinking, the human life suffers from sorrows and phobias. And, if the moral values and truthfulness is there in the surroundings then the life of the person reared in such an atmosphere becomes a living example of piety and realism.

We all know it well that for learning mother tongue the child is not made to read any primer of that language. A child learns it from his parents simply because of remaining in their company.

Just as the pattern of uncertainty and dubiety transfers to a child automatically from the ambient atmosphere, the pattern of realistic approach and certitude automatically take roots in a person living in an atmosphere of piety and close to one's spiritual mentor.

All the prophets of God enjoyed this thinking pattern that we have an innate affinity with the Supreme Being. This very affinity is the stream of life for the existents of the universe and realization of this affinity is the basis of the Spiritual Thinking Approach.

The spiritual thinking approach is an ever going on continuous process that runs in a spiritual associate like the blood. The main hurdle encountered in this adopting this thinking approach is the centuries old traditions that revolve around the axis of materialism. The atmosphere in which a person is brought up and rears gradually takes the form of the traditions of the family and then that of the tribes.

Parents, family members, elders and other relatives play the role the custodians of these traditions.

There are two types of' people.

Those who live their lives within the peripheries of the family traditions and they are least interested that what's going on around in the world and, if it is happening, why it's happening. They only adhere to with, which their elders used to observe and act.

The other type of people apply their minds in think that what is causing a certain thing to happen and if' it is happening then how is it right or wrong, actual effect.

The idolaters of Makka despite having realization of the fact that the idols have been sculptured by the human hands and those inanimate stone pieces, which couldn't speak or hear, were forced to be considered as their gods and worshipped. Not only had they believed firmly that those were their gods but if someone could dare to point out that their gods were nothing more than non-living objects, they used to feel offended and were not reluctant in inflicting exemplary punishments upon such a person and they did all that considering it an article of their faith. Centuries old traditions and the darkness of the ignorance had veiled their understanding and the common sense.

We can take the example of our children in this regard. When we take them to a school, in fact, we declare war against ignorance and we admit them there so that they could learn some scholastic approach. In this process of learning and doing matriculation, it takes them ten years at the least. If the time spent in studies is calculated it comes to about three thousand five hundred hours per year, only then a child manages to learn counting up to one hundred in the first year of his schooling.

At this rate, for doing matriculation, it needs spending of 35000 hours and hundreds of thousand rupees coupled with the efforts of the parents and other family members. Mother and father keep on fretting about the studies of the child and after so much painstaking the child gets to the secondary level. At this stage, it enables them to decide only this thing as to what the child would be, whether he would be a doctor, an engineer, architect, accountant, pilot or something else. Even after spending these ten years for haying education no one becomes a scholar. One just gets onto the threshold of the worldly sciences.

All this, that has been stated, is about the worldly sciences i.e. how- arduously painstaking it is to learn some knowledge, how much labor, efforts and money is involved in equipping a person with knowledge. And, on the other hand, are the spiritual sciences for which a person hardly gives an hour once a week thus, spends about only fifty hours in a year. All the other activities of life are also duly attended: business or the employment also keeps on riding the nerves, other social activities, too, keep us engaged and the centuries old traditions and the atmosphere formed thereof keeps its gripping clutches on our mind and then it is complained that nothing has been achieved, we couldn't have the blessings of enjoying the paranormal faculties like fore-sighting or distant-viewing-type-of-things. It only purports to that, that we have belittled the importance and the significance of the spiritual sciences far less even than those of the primary classes of the worldly sciences.

How far it is justified that on the one hand after spending 3,500 hours per year for ten consecutive years, a student is hardly capable of deciding as to what is required to he studied in future for the higher level of his education, and on the other hand, after giving only little hours over the while length of a year, one says that he could not have any luck in learning the spiritual sciences?

Those who are desirous of learning the spiritual sciences have to bear this thing in their minds that the thinking approach of the spiritual teacher is unique in its nature and far different from the thinking approach that we find prevailing in the societies of the world. Thinking approach of the spiritual mentor is ordained with detachment, contentment and dependency upon God. He remains focused on the unity of Godhead. For learning the spiritual sciences it is vitally important for the students to have the courage and desire to revolt against the negative, destructive and evil approach of thinking. They have to have the desire of remaining on the straight path and they must be ambitious to remain steadfast in advancing their steps on this path.


They are also required to develop the courage to subdue the temptations and the uprising of the self and to overpower the external paganistic forces for following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in order to have the cognition of the Lord Creator God Almighty.

In these pages, you will find those aspects of the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) where the representatives of the evil resisted and opposed him at every step in preaching the correct and positive approach of thinking. In order to surpass those hurdles Holy Prophet (PBUH) suffered the mental and physical tortures throughout his life at the hands of the non-believers but finally he succeeded in delivering  the message of' God, and he is happy with God and God is pleased of his performance.

It is necessary for those people and especially for the people of Silsila Azeemia who have been enjoined the duty of disseminating the spiritual mission of Holy prophet that they should keep the life history of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in their study and developed on this point that how much did Holy Prophet suffered in order to disseminate the Godly Mission of preaching monotheism and to make the non-believers believe.

When we shall idealize the life of Prophet then in the course of spreading the teachings of Silsila Azeemia relaying the spiritual sciences to the fellow beings we shall he blessed with the pleasure and spiritual acknowledgement of God and His apostle and indeed we
shall be successful here and the hereafter. And, we shall have the audacity of' taking the bold steps, facing the hopeless situations and to ignore the blasphemous allegations of the opponents.

Before leaving this world of matter Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya said to me, “Kwuaja Sahib! The people engaged in a mission are supposed to be mad." then after a brief pause he asked me. "Did you follow me?"

I humbly submitted. "Keeping your guidance and wish in view. I shall work for spreading the Silsila frantically."

Qalander Baba expressed his pleasure and placing his hand upon my head touched my forehead with his fingers and after making few circles upon my forehead blew upon me and said. "God be with you.”

Mission orientation cannot he produced in a person who does not rise above the worldly gains, cardinal interests, greed, expectations, pride and vanity, vice and inferiority and superiority complexes.

This book is a brief description of the life of Holy prophet (PBUH) in which he made very endeavor in spreading the Elohistic system for 23 sears. The life up to the fortieth years of his life is also a beacon of light for the spiritual associates.

Ladies and gentlemen! We have been entrusted with the responsibility of spreading the teachings of the Silsila are indeed very lucky and honored for being given this responsibility and in order to accomplish this task, we have to study the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) time and again. This will strengthen the desire to keep on advancing, marching on and consolidating our belief for our success.


Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi

Markazi Muraqba Hall.

Surjani Town. Karachi.

29th July 1996.

MOHAMMAD (PBUH) The Prophet Of God - Part I


By the Time, verily man is in great loss,

except those who strive to act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet and the Quran.