Islamic army in the Desert

Muslims, in general, failed to understand the far-reaching effects of the treaty made by their Prophet with Quraish.

After offering their sacrifices, shaving their heads and taking off Ahrams, Muslims started towards Medina with a heavy heart. On their way to Medina in that state of their gloom another Muslim Abu Baseer who had managed to escape from Makka, requested them to take him in their protection. Before he could settle down, two men from Makka chasing the absconder reached there and demanded the custody of Abu Baseer.

Omar (RA), who had enough of all that pleaded to Holy Prophet and said, "O Prophet! Please don't send him hack. He has come to ask for protection and we shall protect him even at the cost of our lives." Holy Prophet said. "We have to keep our words." Listening to that the two men chained Abu Baseer on the Camel back and set off.

On the way back to Makka, Abu Baseer broke away and killed one of his custodians the other managed to escape. Abu Baseer came to Muslims again to ask for protection. The next day the person who had survived also reached there and demanded that Abu Baseer be handed over to him. But before that the representative of Quraish could get hold of his prisoner to take him back, he broke away and escaped. He decided to take refuge in the desert rather than to return to Makka.

Abu Baseer took refuge at Zul Marwah. After few days, Abu Jandal also joined him there and then another Muslim Aatha Bin Asad also escaped from Makka and joined them. Gradually the other Muslims of Makka also started reaching there and another group of Muslims was formed in the deserts of Arabia.

Within one year from the day of signing of Hudaihiya Agreement the number of Muslims gathering in Zul Marwah managed to take the form an army. They started collecting their share of provisions from the caravans to and from Makka. These Muslims at Zul Marwah tormented Quraish in such a manner that they were forced to request Holy Prophet to call them to Medina so that they could be saved from them.

In the same year because of drought Makka faced famine. The lands of Yamama were considered to be the home of agro-production but all the people of Yamama Tribe had embraced Islam and they were not willing to allow the supply of their produce to Makkans. Chief of the Tribe disallowed trade with Makkans. When Holy Prophet came to know of this situation, he told the Chief of Yamama not to impose any ban upon the supplies to Makka. Not only that but he also sent live hundred Gold coins for their distribution amongst the poor and destitute people of Makka. Besides sending these live hundred coins a huge lot of dates were also sent to Abu Sufyan with a message to trade them for leather and skins. Abu Sufyan tried to refuse the offer and send the dates back to Medina but the people of Makka, who were suffering from hunger had come to know of the incoming supply of the dates. So Abu Sufyan could not dare to reject the offer and had to take them and sent a lot of leather as bartered goods for the dates. When the people of Makka came to know that those dates had come from Mohammad their antagonistic approach towards him started softening.

MOHAMMAD (PBUH) The Prophet Of God - Part I


By the Time, verily man is in great loss,

except those who strive to act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet and the Quran.