A meeting was held in Dar-ul-Nidwah, when consensus could not be made for the suggestions of arresting Mohammad and trying him in chains or to send him into exile. Abu Jehal proposed to have one strong and healthy man from every tribe and they should all jointly kill him using their swords. This would not let anybody avenge Mohammad's killing from any one tribe and the supporters of Mohammad would not dare to go against all the tribes of Arabia. This suggestion won the hearts of the participants of the meeting and a plan was chalked out to carry on this unanimous decision of the infidels. God informing Mohammad about the plan of the infidels commanded him to migrate for Yasrab.

Late in the night when the armed men were taking their positions to attack Mohammad who instructed his young cousin Ali (RA) to lie on his bed and sneaked out of his home reciting the ninth verse of Sura Yaseen from the holy Quran:

"And a wall has come in front of them and a wall behind and they are covered upfront above as well, so they are unable to see.”

Holy Prophet went right through the siege of people gathered with the intention of his murder and they were unable to notice him passing by. When, according to their schedule, they entered the house of the Prophet to kill him they found Ali in the bed instead. They felt defeated and their frustration grew more than ever before.

"And when the non-believers were plotting against thee to keep thee in bounds, to slay thee or exile thee from thy home. They planned and Allah too, had a plan, but God is the best of all the planners.        (Sura .Al Infal: V.30)

Holy Prophet kept on traveling all night. Abu Bakkar was accompanying him in his journey of migration. At dawn they reached the cave of Sore, Abu Bakkar was older to Holy Prophet by three years. He was one of the prosperous people of Makka but he had spent all his wealth for the cause of Islam.

He entered the cave first, cleared the cave and plugged the holes and pit of the cave using the pieces of robe, which he was wearing. He invited Holy Prophet to come into the cave and rest. There wasn't anything that could be used as pillow to rest so the Holy Prophet rested his head in Abu Bakkar’s lap and soon he was asleep. Abu Bakkar during his sleep noticed an opening in the cave, which was left out from securing. The opening was well in reach of Abu Bakkar's foot so he placed his foot upon that. A snake presents in that pit-hole bite him at his foot. Abu Bakkar did not move his foot nor did he let his body move from the pain of the bite so that holy Prophet could not be disturbed. But, the pain was severe that in his attempt to bear it out he started sweating and a drop of his sweat fell upon the forehead of Holy Prophet, this woke him up. Seeing that Abu Bakkar had grown pale he applied his saliva upon the bite and the sting of the pain started subsiding and the effect of the venom was annulled.

Quraish spread their men around Makka and set them to search for Mohammad. They announced a reward of one hundred camels for the one would help in apprehending Muhammad.

Next morning the trackers reached the cave where Mohammad along with Abu Bakkar was hiding. Trackers were trained to locate any lost man or animal but when they saw a spider web covering the entrance of the cave they ignored the cave and went by. Then another group of trackers also reached the cave tracing the footprints and they decided to explore the cave despite seeing the web but when they saw a bird’s nest with its eggs in it, they changed their mind and did not enter the cave. Abu Bakkar got worried seeing the trackers but Holy Prophet consoled him saying that he should not worry God would certainly help them. This situation has been referred to in the holy Quran in these words.

“If ye help not the Apostle, the God did certainly help him, when the unbelievers drove him out: both were alone with one another in the cave and he said to his companion, “Have no fear, for God is with us.” Then God sent down peace upon him and strengthen him with forces, which ye saw not and humbled the unbelievers in their words and the word of God prevails over; for God is exalted in might, wise.” (Sura Tauba: V, 40)

Holy Prophet and Abu Bakkar stayed there in the cave for three days and nights. After struggling for three days trackers called off their search and went back to Makka. When the heat of chase subsided, Aamir Bin Fahira, a slave of Abu Bakkar according to the agreed schedule, delivered two she-camels to them in the cave.

In the next phase or their migration Holy Prophet arrived in Qabaa, where Um-e-Kalsoom had the honor of hosting Holy Prophet, and his companion Abu Bakkar.

He stayed in Qabaa for twenty days and constructed the first ever mosque of Islam. He personally participated in the construction work of that mosque.

MOHAMMAD (PBUH) The Prophet Of God - Part I


By the Time, verily man is in great loss,

except those who strive to act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet and the Quran.