Barley Theft

For killing the Holy Prophet Abi Lahub hired a mercenary named Umair Bin Wahub whose son was captive of Muslims. Abi Lahub bore all his expenses for the venture and also promised to look after his family. After reaching Medina Umair found his way to the Holy Prophet's home and entered there in. Finding the Holy Prophet washing his linen, he said. "Isn't this a strange thing that despite claiming to be a prophet of God you are washing your linen?"

Holy Prophet replied to him. "Well, I don't have a battalion of servants and I prefer to do my work by myself and I assure you that washing my own linen doesn't affect my prophet hood." Then Holy Prophet asked about the purpose of his visit to him. He replied that He was there to pay the ransom for his son's liberty. Holy Prophet said. "You are lying, you have not come to pay for your son's liberty but you are here to kill me." Upon hearing this, a chill ran through him and the dagger that he had hidden under his garments felled upon the ground. He said, '`By God, except the three who hired me for the job no other soul knew about this plan. Indeed I had come to murder you. No doubt that you are the prophet of God and I believe you and relent from infidelity and atheism,"

. When Umair alter embracing Islam returned to Makka he found that Abi Lahuh had died after suffering from bubonic plague.

After Abi Lahuh, Ahi Sufyan took the charge of leading the campaign against Islam. His wife, Hinda excelled in animosity against Muslims than her husband. Within ten weeks after the Battle of Baddar an army was raised to punish Muslims. Abu Sufyan was the commander in chief of that army.

He left Makka for Medina with a contingent of four hundred soldiers in the month of Prohibition. He told his army to stay near Mount Naib and with few soldiers entered the city. Quraish of Makka and the Jews of Medina had made this pact secretly that Jews would help the Makkans in their moves against Muslims. Ahu Sufyan met the Jewish leader Salam Bin Misham and informed him about his intentions but Salam refused to partake in his plan and asked some time for the preparations in this regard.

Refusal of Salam infuriated Ahu Sufyan and on his way back he set fire to many homes of Muslims in Medina. Two Muslims were martyred in resisting him and he escaped with their goods, which included many bags of Barley. The area, where those houses were, was located in the north of Medina and was known as Aareeq. When the Muslims knew about the incident they rushed to follow Ahu Sufyan. Ahu Sufyan and his men escaped leaving the looted goods behind. This event in the Islamic history is known as Ghazwa-e-Sweeq (the Barley Battle).

MOHAMMAD (PBUH) The Prophet Of God - Part I


By the Time, verily man is in great loss,

except those who strive to act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet and the Quran.