Upon hearing the news of Usman's death Holy Prophet sat down under a tree and said. "We are morally bound to avenge Usman's blood and whosoever wants to participate in this should take oath for this on my hand that he would remain loyal till last." All his companions took the oath placing their hands upon the hand of the Holy Prophet. Holy Prophet declaring his right hand to be the hand of Usman placing it on his other hand swore on behalf of Usman. This event is reported in the Holy Quran in these words:

"Verily those who give their hand to thee, In fact gave their hand to God, the Hand of' God is over their hands, then anyone who violates his oath, does so to harm his own soul and who fulfills his covenant with God. God will soon grant him a great reward.''   (Sura Al fath: V, 10)

After this oath was taken information came in that the news of Usman's death was not true.

After a long discussion of two days and two nights, Quraish sent a delegation led by Sohail Bin Umro to Hudaibiya to negotiate with Mohammad an agreement of non-aggression between Muslims and the people of Makka. Holy Prophet told Ali to prepare the document of the agreement.

Ali started writing. “In the Name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.”

Sohail BinUmro interrupted saying we do not acknowledge Allah as the most Beneficent and Merciful you may write. "In the Name of Our Allah." because all agreements of Arabs start with these words since ancient times.

All wrote the next sentence: This has been agreed between Mohammad the Prophet of Allah and Sohail Bin Umro. He again objected saying you should not be writing like this because we do not acknowledge Mohammad as the Prophet of Allah. If we had accepted him as the Prophet of Allah why should have we been stopping him from entering Makka. So you should be writing: this has been agreed between Mohammad Bin Abdullah and Sohail Bin Umro.'

Ali looked towards Holy Prophet, he said. "Ali! Write what Sohail demands, let him be happy." The agreed contract written at that time reads:

"In the Name Our Allah, this has been agreed between Mohammad Bin Abdullah and Sohail Bin Umro. And, through this agreement Quraish accepts an armistice between Makkans and Muslims for ten years. And, that if during this period of ten years, anyone would go to Muslims without having permission of Quraish, they would return him to Quraish but if a person, who comes to Quraish after deserting Muslims, they would not return him to Muslims. During these ten years of the truce none of the parties would attempt to harm or damage the lives or belongings of the other party. During these ten years of truce, the Quraish: would be at liberty to make agreements and have relations with anyone, which they may wish Muslims are not permitted to enter Makka and perform pilgrimage this year, though the next year they can come to perform pilgrimage of Kaaba, on the condition that they would stay in the city for more than three years and they would not bring any weapon other than their swords."

This agreement was made on the 7th year of Hegira (Migration of the Holy Prophet. All the Muslims present there were feeling disgraced and were depressed because of the terms and conditions of the agreement. Omar approached Holy Prophet and asked him. "Didn't you say that we would go to Makka and perform pilgrimage?" Holy Prophet consoled him saying. “Indeed. God willing, you will go to Makka and have the opportunity of circumambulating Ka'aba."

Only after two days of signing of Hudaibiya Agreement.  Abu Jandal, who had embraced Islam was imprisoned by his father, managed to escape and reach Hudaihiya to join Muslims. Soon after his arrival there Sohail Bin Umro also reached there and addressing the Muslims said. "According the terms of the agreement between you and us if a person runs away from Quraish and seeks asylum from Muslims is liable to be returned therefore you return to me my son Abu Jandal. Holy Prophet returned Abu Jandal to his father. Abu Jandal pleaded that his father would kill him. Holy Prophet said, "Don't be afraid Abu Jandal, God will protect you." Muslims could not take it and they were enraged but they controlled themselves in the light of the Oath of Rizwan.

When Holy Prophet saw that the Muslims were so dejected he assembled them and rehearsed these verses of Sura Fatah:

"Allah's Good Pleasure was on the believers when they swore. Fealty to thee under the tree: He knew what was in their hearts and He sent down upon them tranquility and He rewards them with Victory soon.

Holy Prophet told the Muslims to sacrifice the animals, shave off their heads and take off their pilgrimage robes. He repeated his words three times but nobody moved as they were in no mood to obey due to heavy grief anguish and depression. Seeing that Holy Prophet felt poignant and he entered his tent and expressed his disappointment concerning the behavior of his followers to Um-e-Salma. She suggested that he should not be disappointed and should start with his sacrificing, shaving his head and taking off his Ahram, the Muslims would certainly follow him.

When Holy Prophet shaved off his head after offering his sacrifice, the companions also followed him and after sacrificing their animals, shaved off their heads and took off their.

MOHAMMAD (PBUH) The Prophet Of God - Part I


By the Time, verily man is in great loss,

except those who strive to act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet and the Quran.