Chapter No. 23 Eye Diseases



Inability of eyes to focus upon near or far away objects it could be myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (long-sightedness) or presbyopia.


Eyes feel strain, and gets tired headache, water runs through the eyes vision blurs,


1.     Use glasses of sky blue colour for two to three hours a day.

2.     Indigo Chromatized water, twice a day

3.     Green Chromatized water before meals,

4.     Make two circles 2 inch apart, of2 inch radius, on a glossy card board, fill one with red and the other with blue, make the patient to look at them from a distance of 4 feet, for ten minutes, twice a day. During gazing these circles try not to blink or at least blinking should be avoided as much as possible.

5.     Get up early in the morning and sit from where the rising sun could be seen. When the sun rises look at it for one minute only. Do not see more than one minute.

6.     Wash the eyes with Blue Chromatized water, in the morning and with Green Chromatized water in the evening.


Night Blindness


Mostly it is caused due to deficiency of vitamin A.

Symptoms: The patient can see normally during the daytime but with the decline of the sun, the sight grows dimmer and dimmer. In winter this problem becomes severer than the summer.


1.     Use spectacles of turquoise colour for two to three hours a day,

2.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day

3.     Yellow Chromatized water after meals.

4.     Wash eyes with Sky Blue Chromatized water.


Qpthalmia Conjunctivitis


Virus causes it. It is a communicable disease so caution must be exercised and use of other's towel pillow or handkerchief be avoided.


Inner of the eyelids is red water runs through the eyes, after getting up in the morning the eyes are soar. feels like sand grain prickling in the eyes, which is very painful.


1.     Use Sky Blue spectacles, for two to three hours a day,

2.     Wash the eyes with Blue Chromatized water. As many times as possible

3.     Blue Chromatized water twice a day,

4.     Yellow Chromatized water. before meals

5.     Green Chromatized water, after meals.



Inflammation of sebaceous· glands of eyelids, which is caused due to physical weakness excessive use of starchy food, diabetes and typical bacteria cause this disease.


Affected eyelid swells due to pus filled boil in the root of eyelash, when the pus discharges, the swelling subsides.


1.     Pluck the lash carefully that has sty.

2.     Put Dark  Green Light upon the lashes for fifteen minutes,             a day,

3.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

4.     Violet Chromatized water, after lunch,

5.     Green Chromatized water, before meals,

6.     Wash the affected eye with Green Chromatized water using cotton swab,

7.     Put Blue Chromatized     Rose water using a droppers three four times a day.




In children, bacteria and unhygienic living are the main causes of this disease.


Dryness on the sides of eyelids, itching and small wounds on the eye lids, inner of eyelids is red


1.     Sky Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Blue light upon the eyelids for fifteen minutes, twice a day.




It is a very common infection of the eye, which is mostly caused by virus, bacteria, allergy or reaction to some particular chemical.


Watery discharge from the eyes, which later on takes the form of pus, pain in the eye, sometimes the vision blurs, eyelids stick to each other when gets up from sleep.


1.     Blue light upon the eyes keeping them closed, for fifteen minutes, twice a day,

2.     Wash eyes with Sky Blue Chromatized water five six times a day

3.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

4.     Cover eyes with green cloth, when going out in the sun or intense light.

Colour Therapy


Columns, articles and write ups to create awareness in the masses about theory of colours, their therapeutic effects and methods of treating diseases using colours, were published in various newspapers of the country, which included Hurriyat, Jasarat, Mashriq, Ailaan, Millat, Jung (Pak and London Editions),Akhbar-e-Jehan and Mag, in 1960.

Number of people that have been advised or treated using this therapeutic system exceeds 2 million. We recorded the experiences of the people who benefited from this system of therapeutic during the last twenty years.

In March 1978, the book titled " Rang Aur Roshni Say Illaj" (Treating Diseases using light and colours) was published. It received warm appreciations from people of all walks of life. It's being published continuously since then. Many books have been produced on the subject and I studied them all. I analyzed and contributed additions and alterations to simplify the procedure of application of colours.