Chapter No. 19 Skin Diseases

There are three layers in the skin, one is very thin other one is thick and the third one is the upper most. When the thin layer is affected the diseases like chicken pox etc are caused and when the thick layer is affected, psoriasis boils and rashes and other skin inflammations are caused.

Three types of electric current keep on flowing in the body. One of them does not affect the first and second layers; the other one affects the second layer and the third one affects only the first layer and the intensity of the disease increases or decreases with the flow of the currents.

When the electric current generated by the sunlight required by the body increases. the diseases of the third layer like smallpox starts, and if the currents moderately decrease the diseases of second layer like measles start and when the sunlight is not enough, the skin diseases of the first layer like chickenpox starts.


Black spots


Intense sunlight, heat, and disorder of menstrual cycle, blood problems and during pregnancy this problem could take place.



Freckle, lentigo, acne, pimples, blackish brown spots upon the face and the back of the hands, which sometimes appear black and sometime turn brownish. Because of these speckles and spots the face does not look good.



1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water after lunch,

4.     Pink light upon the navel, for five to ten minutes, once a


5.     Blue and Green light upon the face, intermittently, for ten

minutes each.

6.     In case of problem of menstrual cycle, massage Blue Chromatized oil upon the lower back and Purple Chromatized oil, around the naval. No need to use Pink Light when the blue and Purple Chromatized oil is used.


Acne, Pimples


This problem is common in     adolescence and puberty.       Blood heat,        some disorder of digestive system lack of menses, untidiness, heavy and

unhygienic foods etc



Pustules  on    the   face,        neck and  upper       trunk resulting from inflammation of the sebaceous glands,



1.     Turquoise Colour Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Yellow Chromatized water twice a day,

3.     Get a 9" x 12" glass painted with sky blue colour and make the patient look at it for ten minutes, before breakfast.

4.     In case of any problem of uterus, use Magenta Chromatized water, twice a day,

5.     If the pustules are pressed and the pus is extracted. it leaves scars upon the face. Applying red Chromatized oil upon them could heal these scars.




Prickly Heat


Hot and humid climate, excessive sweating, exposure in the sunlight for long



Stinging and tingling blisters upon the skin due to acidic sweating, sometimes these are red and at times these are white.



1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water before meals,

3.     White Chromatized water once a day,

4.     Keep some water in the sun from 10 am to 2 pm. When it cools, make the patient to have a bath with this water. For cooling this water ice can be used.




This problem can be due to allergy from- some medicine or food or indigestion.



Sometimes it starts gradually and sometime entire body is filled with round red spots with itching and burning sensation, which disappear after a while. Sometime it is followed by fever.



1.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Blue Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water, after meals.

4.     Blue light upon the trunk for half an hour. once or twice a day.




A fungus causes it. Indigestion, inadequate foods, not taking bath for long times, wearing damp clothes and having sweets excessively, are few of the causes for this disease.



This is the disease of skin, hair and nails. When it starts upon the skull, it begins with a small patch from which the hairs are lost; upon the skin it is small red round patch, which sometime has pus in it, at times it turns dry and scaly and when the skin is wet it appears like a layer upon the skin.



1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Magenta Chromatized water at night,

4.     Massage  Blue Chromatized    oil    upon        the affected area, during daytime,

5.     Massage  Green      Chromatized    oil, upon the affected area at night.

6.     Blue light upon the affected area for seven minutes twice or thrice a day.




Weakness of the immune system, hereditary traits and unknown reasons cause this disease.


Small pink eruptions upon the skin, which turn into slivery scales, a net is formed from these eruptions with unbearable itch in them.


1.     Blue Chromatized water twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water, once a day,

4.     Blue Light during daytime and Green light at night, for half an hour each.




Deficiency of Melamine, the substance that provides colour to the skin and heredity are the causes of this disease.


white patches appear upon the skin, which spread all over the body. It is not contagious. Other than discoloration of the skin there are no problems associated with this disease and all the body parts function properly.


1.     Red Chromatized water twice a day,

2.     Green water, twice a day,

3.     Yellow water once a day,

4.     Red Light upon the affected part

5.     Get a glass sheet of 9" x 12" painted with gray colour and make the patient to see it many times a days,

6.     If its spreads all over the body then don't treat it.

Colour Therapy


Columns, articles and write ups to create awareness in the masses about theory of colours, their therapeutic effects and methods of treating diseases using colours, were published in various newspapers of the country, which included Hurriyat, Jasarat, Mashriq, Ailaan, Millat, Jung (Pak and London Editions),Akhbar-e-Jehan and Mag, in 1960.

Number of people that have been advised or treated using this therapeutic system exceeds 2 million. We recorded the experiences of the people who benefited from this system of therapeutic during the last twenty years.

In March 1978, the book titled " Rang Aur Roshni Say Illaj" (Treating Diseases using light and colours) was published. It received warm appreciations from people of all walks of life. It's being published continuously since then. Many books have been produced on the subject and I studied them all. I analyzed and contributed additions and alterations to simplify the procedure of application of colours.