Chapter No. 15 Diseases of Kidneys and Bladder

Bed Wetting& Urinary Incontinence


Involuntary urination in the daytime, usually during sleep, Urinates many a times during the day and night. Such people tend to over sleep and dream that they are having a leak.


To treat the children


1.Orange Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.Red light over the bladder for 10 to 15 minutes a day,


To treat the elderly people


1.     Sky \Blue Chromatized water, 20 minutes Before meals.

2.     Violet Chromatized Oil, twice a day, at lower back.

3.     Red Chromatized water, twice a day,

4.     Red light over the bladder for 15 to 20 minutes.

5.     Place black sesame seeds, in a purple bottle, after washing them clean with water and drying, for 200 hours in the sun or artificial light. For Adults two tablespoons and for children one tablespoon is the dosage.




Unhealthy and unhygienic sexual intercourse, a type of germ named Gonococci, which transmit from one       to another person during copulation; symptoms are producedin2 to 14 days.



Painful urination and burning at the end of urinary tract, which is followed by puss, initially it is less and thin and turns thick and more, pains in the back and hips, urine could have blood in it. Proper treatment can cure it in two to three weeks. If the treatment is not proper or the patient is careless, the disease spreads in the entire urinary tract including the kidneys and if it reaches the testis or ovaries, impotency is unavoidable.

Sometime it becomes chronic and remains dormant, hiding in the body. In such cases the symptoms are not severe but the puss excretes and leaves spot upon the clothes. Slight burning during urination is also felt. It can pass on to others even its dormant state. In treating this disease, caution is more important than the treatment.


Besides taking the antibiotics upon the recommendation of a qualified doctor

1.     Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water before meals,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water, after meals



Infection of the kidneys could be either because of the germs reaching the kidneys through blood or the infection germs of bladder reach the kidneys and the latter is more common. It is of two types severe and chronic


Acute Infection:


Sudden pain in back on one or both sides, that comes down in the front side, repetition of painful dripping urination fever sometimes vomiting and shivering, besides presence of white and red blood corpuscles and puss cells in the urine.



1.     Turquoise colour Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     Green Chromatized water, before meals,

3.     Yellow Chromatized water, after meals,

4.     Green light over the kidneys, for 10 to 15 minutes, twice a day.

5.     Massage Green Chromatized oil over the kidneys, for three minutes, with the upper portion of palms, keeping the pressure light, three times a day.


Chronic Infection


Patient suffers from fatigue, high blood pressure or failure of kidneys; some patients pass urine frequently with pains, backaches and small amount of albumen and blood is also present in their urine.



1.     Orange light over the kidneys for 15 to 30 minutes.

2.      Orange Chromatized water, twice a day,

3.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day, before meals

4.     For   swellings; Olive colour Chromatized water, twice a day,

Renal Colic


Unclean, unhygienic drinking water, stones in kidneys and gas producing fermented foods and infections of kidneys are main causes of this disease.



Severe pain in the back where the kidneys are, wants to urinate but cannot or if it leaks it drips, if it due to kidney stone; it contains blood, hands and feet grow cold. darkness before the eyes, nausea and vomit ting. In case of gastric pains the pain shifts places.



I.      Orange Chromatized water, twice a day,

2.     For kidney stones: Violet light over the kidneys, for 15 minutes   in the morning and, Orange light in the evening for 20minutes.

3.     Violet Chromatized water, twice a day,

4.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day, before meals,

5.     Green Chromatized oil, massage twice a day, over the kidneys in circles.

 6.    Massage abdomen with Yellow Chromatized oil, once a day.


Cystitis & Urinary tract Infections


Bacteria   causes     the   infection   of     kidneys, urethra and bladder, which is more common.


Repeated urination, painful urination, pains in the lower abdomen, urine contains blood and bacteria.


1.     Dark Blue Chromatized water, twice a day, before meals,

2.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day.

3.     Blue light upon the bladder, for 5 to 15 minutes, twice a day.




Blood in urine could be due to Glomerulus's Nephritis, a disease in which the body immune system activates against the body part, cancer of bladder, stone in kidney or bladder, injury etc.


Urine contains blood, sometimes it comes before the passing of urine and at times it comes after passing the urine and sometime, instead of urine, just blood is passed. Weak people feel cold and suffer from shivering, which is followed by a blood mixed urine, after few hour clear urination starts. When the blood oozes from bladder, it is blackish and contains blood clots, when it comes from the kidneys, it red and there is pain in the kidneys.


1.     Green Chromatized water, twice a day

2.     Blue water before meals,


For treatment of kidney or bladder stones or cancer see the related topics

Colour Therapy


Columns, articles and write ups to create awareness in the masses about theory of colours, their therapeutic effects and methods of treating diseases using colours, were published in various newspapers of the country, which included Hurriyat, Jasarat, Mashriq, Ailaan, Millat, Jung (Pak and London Editions),Akhbar-e-Jehan and Mag, in 1960.

Number of people that have been advised or treated using this therapeutic system exceeds 2 million. We recorded the experiences of the people who benefited from this system of therapeutic during the last twenty years.

In March 1978, the book titled " Rang Aur Roshni Say Illaj" (Treating Diseases using light and colours) was published. It received warm appreciations from people of all walks of life. It's being published continuously since then. Many books have been produced on the subject and I studied them all. I analyzed and contributed additions and alterations to simplify the procedure of application of colours.