195. Warm Waves

Love is the source of peaceful life and calmness of heart. This is why anyone in whom the delicate waves of love are flowing will be saved from complex diseases, difficulties, and problems. His face has about it a special attractiveness. In contrast to this, the dense waves of hatred, which are intense and hot, burn the human face and put a great burden on the mind and creates darkness in it, so that the waves which work in the life stream become poisonous and vicious. With this poison a human being then suffers different diseases and problems.




What is the universe? It is a point, and this point is a divine light, and the divine light is itself a light.

Every point is the imprint of luminescence (Tajalli). When this imprint transforms itself into the divine light then it becomes Aura (Jism-e-Misali). The display of the Aura is the physical body.

The physical body is built up as a structure of bones, flesh, and muscle. The skin is a kind of plaster and color on this building. The life of the human being who is made up of veins, arteries, nerves, bones, and flesh, is nothing except senses.