Qalander Conscious, This is a unique book on Qalander Conscious Technology and Spiritualism. Normally people think that Spiritualism is very tuff subject or it is not easy to understand the laws of Spiritualism. All these things are wrong. This book proves that spiritualism is how much easy and logical thing. It is not story of past. At this time Spiritual Personalities are there, one of Great name is Khwaja Shamsud Deen Azeemi. He is chief Principle of Silsila Azeemia. Silsila Azeemia is a Movement. The motto of this movement is to closer the people to their soul, clear the relationship between GOD and Human, Love for All. Read this Book with open mind. There is no restriction of Religion, Nation, Color, Age, Sex to get guides from Us. Door of Azeemi is open for all, No Fee, Nothing is pre-requisite condition. Only Serious and open minded persons Contact us We are very thank full to you...